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    Posted on Mar 26, 2015

    Johnny And Susan Storm Are The Children Of Tony Stark And Steve Rogers

    Because there's so doubt that Steve Rogers and Tony Stark belong together, but they've also got to have some kids too.

    So they may have had some rough beginnings, but Tony Stark and Steve Rogers come to make an absolutely adorable couple. Superhusbands, even.


    Don't believe me? Just take a look at Archive Of Our Own.

    And if anyone had the intelligence and the capabilities to create two children from the DNA of two fathers without a surrogate or borrowed egg, it would be Tony Stark - whether it be test tube babies, or he made a breakthrough in male pregnancy (because let's admit it, Tony would make an adorable preggo).

    Enter Susan and Johnny Storm.


    The two of them even look like their parents: Johnny has inherited pretty much EVERYTHING about his appearance from Steve, and Susan inherited Steve's blonde hair but Tony's skin tone.

    They are also both incredibly smart - Susan worked as Victor Von Doom's chief genetics researcher while Johnny had at one point been employed by NASA - so they certainly inherited Tony's brains. The only difference is that Susan uses her intelligence and skills more seriously, a propriety that I can imagine Steve would approve of, and Johnny uses his recklessly like Tony.

    Almost everything about Johnny's reckless, fun-loving playboy personality is reminiscent of Tony - the playboy element being from before he settled down with the good Captain, of course - and Susan clearly inherited Steve's personality. In the same way Steve would likely always tell Tony what to do, both because he cares for Tony's safety as well as he knows Tony is acting irrationally, Susan tells Johnny what to do: like father like daughter, and like father like son.

    The Avengers lead a very dangerous life, of course...


    Which is why Johnny and Susan would have been publicly given the last name Storm: if nobody has direct confirmation that they are the children of Iron Man and Captain America, then they become less of a target for the enemies. They would still live at the Avengers tower so that the whole band of heroes could protect them as they grow up, but less noticeable SHIELD agents like Maria Hill could take them to and from school.

    Steve is a more active person than Tony, so he would take Johnny out for fun while Susan would do some science down in the lab with Tony. Johnny's constantly disregard for his own safety would freak Steve out each and every time, and Tony would have a conniption every time Susan brought over a potential boyfriend (or a boy who's just a friend) - meanwhile whenever Johnny brings home the flavour of the week, Tony would give him a high five.

    Johnny would undoubtedly borrow both Steve's bike and Tony's cars:


    And can you even imagine the reaction at Susan and Reed's wedding? Tony would be flipping out, adding in all the, "Her last boyfriend became a supervillain!" hysteria, while Steve would be calmly reassuring him that their daughter can take care of herself (because after all, by then, she's a superhero in her own right too).

    So what do you think? Johnny and Susan = offspring of Iron Man and Captain America?

    And can you imagine if their 'powers' come to them as teenagers, the way they will in the new movie? Tony and Steve would certainly have their hands full.

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