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    Posted on Dec 24, 2015

    18 Times Bacon Was Flawless In 2015

    Bacon. It's the Beyonce of Meat.

    Some may say that bacon did not have a flawless year.

    I mean, there was that study that claimed that bacon causes cancer.

    Not so fast.

    Here are some reasons that bacon was perfect in 2015.

    1. When it was a flawless foundation on which perfection could be built.

    2. When it went over and under, above and beyond to be the perfect lattice.

    3. When it just basked in the spotlight.

    4. When it hugged a grilled cheese.

    5. When bacon decided to *BE* pie.

    6. When it had a party with a dozen doughnuts.

    7. When things got complicated with a hot dog.

    8. When it kicked it with the main bae.

    9. When it bathed in beer.

    10. And hung out with a doughnut and burger like it's no big deal.

    11. When it tried to be romantic and succeeded.

    12. When it went au natural.

    13. Hung with cheese and fries.

    14. Made out with meatloaf.

    15. When it was thick and perfect.

    16. When it brought people together.

    17. When it was slathered in chocolate.

    18. That time it hung around pancakes.

    Bacon, you flawless.