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10 Foods You Didn't Know Had Nuts In Them

This post may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

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Nut allergies are the worst.

If it's really serious, you have to lug a large EpiPen around, which can really cramp your style.

Or you might get real sick and that'll end Netflix & Chill real quick.


Even though you're *EXTRA* careful with what you eat, you still MAY NOT KNOW that sometimes nuts sneak their way into unassuming treats.

Mole Sauce / Via

It looks delicious. You want to eat it. But it's usually made with nuts. NOPE.


Marzipan / Via

Beware. The fun holiday fruits you would like to sink your teeth into? Don't. Marzipan is made from almond paste! Stick to real fruits.

Pesto Sauce / Via

It looks so lush, so inviting. But pesto *typically* contains pine nuts. Some manufacturers produce the sauce without them.

If you're at a restaurant, ALWAYS ask your waiter if the house pesto is prepared with nuts before ordering that pasta.

Alcohol / Via

Ugh, I know, nuts ruin EVERYTHING. Be particularly careful around flavored rums. Read labels before bottoms up.

Some alcohols that contain nuts include:

Amaretto (almond)

Ratafia (almond)

Bombay Sapphire (almond)


Chicken Tikka Masala / Via

Before you ~curry~ on with your take-out order, know that the glorious, creamy texture of Masala is often provided by cashews. Go home cashews, get out of here.


Gluten-Free Breads / Via

So first, you have Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. Sucks. But all right, fine, bounce back. There are a lot of great substitutions! Just read the *ingredient list*. (I worry.) Because some popular gluten-free flours include almond and coconut.

Granola / Via

Most pre-made granola cereals and bars are a minefield for an assortment of those intrusive, invasive nuts. Navigate toward the symbols that flag nut-free!

Veggie Burgers / Via

A great veggie burger is not a puck of faux meat. The typical recipe includes a hearty serving of veggies and beans. But for the most flavor, some veggie patties contain chopped macadamias, cashews, or walnuts. Ask before ordering!

Nougat / Via

Nougat is sometimes made with finely chopped nuts. Hazelnuts are a popular choice. Nougat-outta here.

Vegan Cheese / Via

Rough day for the dietary restrictive. In order for that pizza to taste as good as a New York slice, cashews are often used for flavor. SO TYPICAL.