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In Defense Of Garlic On A First Date


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Traditional advice warns against eating garlic when enjoying a night of ~romance~. They say you won't be kissed or get a second, mintier chance.

But that's annoying.

Because garlic is really good. Like really, really good.

Have you ever had garlic knots?

Recipe here.
Chung Ah-Ree / Via

Recipe here.

Or garlic bread?

Recipe here.
Jaclyn Bell / Via

Recipe here.

They're classics, a delicacy of our childhoods. And if one comes around on a first date, you should take a bite or five.

Eating garlic on a first date will weed out all the vampires.

Sorry, #TeamEdward. What's up, #TeamJacob.

If this person doesn't like you at your stinkiest, they don't deserve you at your mintiest.

And you may not like this person anyway, so a little fire breath might come in handy.

You're not going to want to lean in.

And apparently garlic is a natural cologne.

Twitter science says so.

According to a study, men who eat significant amounts of garlic smell more attractive to women than those who don’t.

If you swiped right for this date, arranged this date, and dressed yourself for this date, you can eat WHATEVER YOUR TASTEBUDS DESIRE on this date.

Empower yourself. Hell, ask for ~extra~ garlic if you like it that much. Confidence is a much more powerful aphrodisiac than oysters.

And if they like garlic just as much as you like garlic, you two might be soulmates.

So don't censor your appetizers or entrees for somebody you barely know when garlic has been there your WHOLE LIFE.

Happy romancing, you little stinkers.

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