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    Posted on Dec 29, 2015

    17 Dogs That Understand The Struggles Of Going Out To Eat

    Seamless and chill.

    1. When you're waiting for the hostess to call your party.

    2. When you show up but turns out they're closed on Mondays.

    3. When your friend gets their food before you.

    4. When you're trying to get more greens into your diet but you don't want the salad.

    5. When you ask for a substitution but the menu says no substitutions.

    6. When the people who arrived after you get a table before you.

    7. When there's a long line at brunch and you want to leave but your friend says the French toast is worth it.

    8. When you wait for someone to offer you a bite of their pizza after you finish yours.

    9. When the waiter says there's no more steak on tonight's menu.

    10. When you realize you ordered wrong.

    11. When you're waiting for an invite to dinner.

    12. When your order was sent back, but you tell people to eat their food while you wait.

    13. When all the appetizers are out of reach on the other end of the table.

    14. When you're trying to practice portion control but are fooling no one.

    15. When you realize you left your leftovers on the table.

    16. When your friends want tapas, so you go get tapas, but you don't like any of their ordering choices.

    17. When your food arrives and it's a stunning experience.