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Meet Haku The Cream-Colored Otter Pup

This four-month old white river otter cub has become an overnight sensation at the Sunshine City Aquarium in Tokyo. We can see why.

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River otters pups are born with white fur which quickly turns dark brown to black in the first few months of their life. Haku's fur, on the other hand, isn't changing from its dusty grey coloring, which has earned her popularity in her native Tokyo. The staff has dubbed her the "fair-skinned beauty" and she is beloved by patrons young and old. Since little Haku, who's name means "white" in Japanese, is still too young to join the adult otter enclosure, she's being toted around the aquarium in a sweet fanny pack, gracing fans with her adorable presence all over the park.

Now, the most important question here is how do we become professional baby otter walkers/fanny pack carriers/commissioners of cute like the dude in this video??

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