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Lily The Future Therapy Dog Gets A Prosthetic Paw

This angel faced Golden Retriever puppy was born without a front paw and is now on track to becoming the worlds cutest therapy dog.

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This adorable Golden Retriever Lily was born 3 months ago in Bristol, VA without a front paw, due to a complication during her birth. Her disability didn't get in her way, she still runs and jumps and plays and snuggles just like any other pup, which is how her owner Heather Mullin knew she'd be an incredible therapy dog for patients with physical disabilities. Mullin, who is an occupational therapist, had Lily fitted for a prosthetic paw, and hopes she will be inspiring to her patients, many of whom are amputees learning to use prosthetics themselves. Lily is currently in training to become the best therapy dog she can be.

Let's have a round of ap-PAWs for Lily and her awesome owner Heather, who are changing the perceptions of physical disabilities in the cutest way possible.

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