17 Animals Who Are Sick Of Winter

The East Coast is about to get hit with another snow storm, and these animals are so over the cold


This little monkey is sick and tired of his perfectly styled coif being ruined by the snow every time he leaves the house


And so is this squirrel. It takes FOREVER to blow out all that tail fur.


No matter how many layers you put on, it’s still freezing in your apartment, so you have to get creative with ways to keep warm


These dogs are tired of having to bundle up in a thousand layers every time they need to run to the bodega


She knows nobody looks good in bulky winter wear


These cats aren’t faring any better than the dogs


“Is it STILL freezing out there?! I thought it was March!”


This squirrel is tired of hiding from the cold wet snow


And this cute little guy is clinging on to his last shred of hope that spring will be here soon


Forget trying to get anywhere after the storm, your landlord hasn’t shoveled the sidewalk since 1994


Seriously. It’s impossible.


So I guess you’ll just have to stay snuggled up inside like this freezing little kangaroo


So you can dry off and warm up


I think we can all agree, winter blows.


Seriously. We all think its the worst.


Except for this guy, who’s STOKED on some snow. So lets all channel our inner skiing ostrich during this next storm and happily ride out what will hopefully be the last one of the season.

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