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    If You Love Animated Films, You'll Appreciate These 23 Things

    From Neo-Tokyo to infinity and beyond!

    1. A Spirited Away AirPods case that resembles No-Face, the dark spirit that'll work hard to keep your earbuds safe from harm.

    A person holding the airpods case shaped like No-Face from Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away

    2. This poisonous apple print that alludes to everyone's favourite petty witch, Queen Grimhilde from Snow White. I, too, wish to be the fairest in the land, but here we are.

    A hand with pointy black nails with the poisonous apple floating above it

    3. This Spider-Verse phone case inspired by the magnificent leap of faith scene in the 2018 animated masterpiece. It's slim and flexible, so it won't make your phone feel super bulky while protecting it.

    Spiderman falling from the sky in the leap of faith scene in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

    4. This Iron Giant hoodie that'll throw back to your favourite childhood tearjerker. It's cropped for ~fashun~, but you can choose from other styles (including tanks and tees), too.

    A person wearing a cropped hoodie with the iron giant standing in the moonlight above a forest line

    5. This striking Ghost In The Shell print that'll let you show off your love for the highly-accredited cyberpunk anime. It'll look great in your living room, on a bookshelf, or by your TV.

    A ghost in the shell print showing a silhouette of a person against a city skyline

    6. A hardcover copy of Art Of Soul, so you can drool over the stunning work of the recent Pixar film. You'll get to explore storyboards, colour scripts, character development, and more.

    The Art Of Soul book opened to two illustrated pages

    7. An Alice In Wonderland poster that looks like it came right out of a vintage magazine. The vibrant green background will look fab by your indoor plants or in a room that needs a pop of colour.

    An alice in wonderland poster near some plants and knick knacks on a counter

    8. This glam Shrek sticker that'll look hilarious on your laptop, phone, or fave tumbler. It's vinyl, so it'll stand up to moisture and tearing as time goes by.

    A sticker of Shrek putting lipstick on stuck to a laptop

    9. A Toothless AirPods case inspired by the heartfelt How To Train Your Dragon franchise. It's made out of soft silicone that'll protect your buds from damage.

    A person holding the Toothless-shaped airpods case

    10. An Akira movie poster that'll let you flaunt your undying love for Japanese cyberpunk.

    The Akira movie poster

    11. This Kodama keychain that'll dangle majestically on your set of keys. It's inspired by the cute and creepy little forest spirits in Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke.

    A keychain with five little Kodama spirits on it

    12. A Spider-Gwen skin that'll give your laptop or iPad an artistic upgrade. If Spider-Gwen was your favourite thing about Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, then this vibrant decal is just for you.

    A spider-gwen laptop skin on a macbook

    13. A pair of earrings inspired by The Emporer's New Groove, if the phrase "pull the lever, Kronk — WRONG LEVER!" lives in your head rent free. These cute little danglies will cleverly display both the llama potion and the vial of poison.

    The pair of potion vial earrings, one with a little llama on it, the other with a skull

    14. A Totoro-inspired phone grip that'll help you hold your phone (and look cute doing it, too). You can also use it as a mini stand to prop up your phone.

    A totoro-shaped popsocket on a vibrant phone case

    15. A bestselling Disney colouring book that'll let you lose yourself in the magic of 63 illustrations from familiar scenes in the movies you grew up with.

    16. This Akira-inspired hoodie that is ~so~ cool, comfy, and cozy, you'll want to wear it every single day. Reviewers say it's super soft and that the graphic printing on it is of excellent quality.

    A person wearing the Akira hoodie, showing the prints on the back

    17. A pair of Moana-inspired earrings, because how could you not flaunt your love for the thrilling and heartfelt oceanic musical?

    A pair of swirly vibrant stud earrings inspired by Moana

    18. This Princess Mononoke tee that'll make you feel like you're being accompanied by Moro the wolf goddess and her tribe, just like the totally badass San herself.

    A person wearing the moro wolf god t-shirt

    19. This patent print of Slink that'll remind you of simpler days, watching (and rewatching) the Toy Story movies. The artists actually search through original patents and carefully restore them to produce prints just like this one!

    A print of Slink the toy dog from Toy Story

    20. This vibrant phone case inspired by Marie from The Aristocats. Though it looks bejewelled (and awesome), it's actually made of smooth silicone that won't snag on your purse or pockets.

    A vibrant phone case displaying Marie from Aristocats

    21. This Iron Giant tote bag, because its image is too sublime not to bring around with you on your daily errands. You can use it to carry groceries, or even sub it in for your favourite handbag or backpack.

    22. A Yellow Submarine pin, if one of the reasons you love The Beatles is because of the 1960s animated film your parents made you watch when you were a kid (like mine did, as a way to get me to stop exclusively playing S-Club 7 on the stereo).

    A ceramic yellow submarine pin  on a card

    23. And finally, this Disney board game that'll let you scheme and strategize under the guise of your favourite villain. Reviewers say it's fun for kids and adults, and love how relevant it is to the movies.

    The pieces, cards, and board for the Disney Villans game

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