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    26 Cool And Comfy Clothes You'll Want To Add To Your Wardrobe Now That It's Warm Out

    Excuse me while I attempt to be less of a sweat monster.

    1. This smocked blouse that puckers in all the right places. It's made of a fine crêpe weave that'll save you from roasting when the temperature rises.

    a person wearing the blouse with a matching skirt

    2. This cinched dress that'll keep you cool and protect your shoulders from the sun. It fits loose enough to wear comfortably with a pair of shorts, which you'll love if you get around by bike. Plus, it has pockets!

    A person wearing the short, quarter-length sleeved dress

    3. A pair of Sheertex shorts that you can count on to keep your derriere covered under your favourite dresses. They'll prevent chafing, too, which will be a godsend for anyone who tends to get extra sweaty (hi, that would be me).

    a person wearing the sheertex shorts

    4. A pair of ruffled shorts and a matching crop top that'll keep you comfortable (and looking cute!) while you bop around town in the glorious sunshine.

    A person outside wearing the vibrant ruffled shorts with a matching top

    5. This wide-strapped dress that'll feel as cool and comfy as wearing your PJs — but way cuter, obvi.

    A person wearing the wid-strapped short dress with a pair of sandals

    6. This adorable button-up cami that'll go with just about anything you pair it with. It's lightweight and won't stick to your skin, even when you're super sweaty.

    a person wearing the button up cami with a floral skirt

    7. A pair of high-rise shorts that'll see you through all of your warm-weather adventures. They cinch at the waist, so you can ~casually~ flaunt your hourglass figure.

    A person wearing the high waisted paper bag shorts with a t-shirt, cap, and sandals

    8. This wrap mini dress, because you can never have enough florals in your closet. It comes with a fabric belt you can tie at the waist, so you can adjust it to fit just right.

    a person wearing the ruffled floral wrap dress

    9. This darling peplum top you can throw on and pair with just about anything. Shorts? Jeans? A skirt? Absolutely.

    a person wearing a cute peplum short sleeved shirt with white shorts

    10. This cami maxi dress that'll go perfectly with a refreshing cocktail on a balmy summer evening. You could also throw it over your bikini and wear it on your way to the beach.

    a person wearing a floral, maxi dress with spaghetti straps

    11. A high-rise satin skirt that'll feel oh-so soft and smooth on your bod. You can easily dress it up or down — it'll look great with both heels and sneakers.

    a satiny mini skirt with a subtle tie dye pattern

    12. This tie-dye T-shirt that you can throw on, without having to think too hard about your outfit. If you love a 90s vibe, this baby was made for you.

    A person wearing the tie-dye t-shirt with a pair of white cut off denim shorts

    13. This adorable shirt dress that's formal enough to wear to work, but casual enough to strut around town in.

    A person wearing the puff-sleeved button-up dress

    14. A pair of comfy jogger shorts that'll replace your sweats when it gets too hot to wear anything full-length. You can wear 'em out and about, as pyjama bottoms, on a run — or for all of the above.

    a person wearing the jogger shorts with running shoes

    15. This whimsical midi skirt that'll ebb and flow along with you while you enjoy the lovely weather. It has an elastic waist that'll make it easy to throw on (and keep you comfortable all day long).

    a person wearing a flowy floral skirt

    16. This fit-and-flare dress that basically screams sipping sangria with your pals in the sweet, sweet sunshine. Pair it with a denim jacket to keep it casual, or throw on some strappy sandals to dress it up a little.

    A person wearing the strappy dress with sandals and a cardigan

    17. This floral romper that'll feel as comfy as your fave lounge set, but look as cute as your favourite sundress. It's the perfect outfit to bike around town in when you want to look cute, but don't want to deal with cycling in a dress.

    a floral romper with puff sleeves

    18. A loose-fitting cropped T-shirt that'll feel airy and breezy, even on scorching-hot days. It'll drape off of your sweaty skin without sticking to your bod, which is all I ever want tbh.

    A person wearing the loose cropped t-shirt with a pair of denim shorts

    19. A pleated mini skirt, because they're just so ~in~ right now. Whether you're reenacting the "...Baby One More Time" video or simply going for a stroll, this piece is bound to come in handy.

    A person wearing the mini pleated skirt with a cute cardigan

    20. A floral smock-waist dress that you can throw on any day of the week. It's light, airy, and cute — what more could you want?

    a person wearing the dress with white sandals

    21. This moisture-wicking T-shirt that'll keep your sweat at bay. It's super breathable and lightweight, making it a great option for exercising outdoors when it's warm.

    A person wearing the GAPfit t-shirt with a pair of leggings

    22. This dreamy maxi dress with a relaxed silhouette that'll keep you cool and comfy while you lounge on a picnic blanket with your pals.

    a maxi dress with subtle puff sleeves

    23. A T-shirt dress, for those days when you want to be fashionable and comfortable, but also want to live your best and laziest life.

    A person wearing the t-shirt dress

    24. This cropped off-the-shoulder blouse that'll feel as cute and quaint as the summer cabin you plan on spending the warmer months in. The eyelet detailing looks gorgeous and will offer a bit of ventilation when it's hot as heck out.

    A person wearing the off-shoulder blouse tucked into a matching skirt

    25. This floral cami dress that'll get you ready for sunny strolls and park hangs. You can dress it up with your fave jewellery or pair it with a light cardigan to keep it casj.

    A person wearing a maxi floral dress with a box neck and slit up one leg

    26. And finally, this long floral skirt that'll become your go-to piece for running errands or hanging with the fam on your balcony. It has a stretchy smock waist that won't dig into your skin, which will make it a breeze to wear all day long.

    a person wearing a long floral skirt

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