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    21 Random, Cute, And Useful Things That Are In My Cart Right Now

    I just want so many things.

    1. A shower curtain that'll give your bathroom a total refresh. It has a weighted seam along the bottom so you won't have to worry about it billowing out of your tub every time you take a shower.

    a shower curtain in a bathroom

    2. A ring light phone stand that'll make setting up for a video call easy as pie. Reviewers love that it has different lighting levels and say that it's super sturdy and easy to clamp on and off.

    A person using the phone ring light stand

    3. A charming glass bottle lantern that'll emit a delicate glow when your overhead lights just won't do. You can turn it on and off by pressing the button on the lid so you won't have to dig your finger into the bottle.

    the bottles with fairy lights in them on a table next to cocktails

    4. A pair of Dr. Martens platform boots that are guaranteed to make you feel like a total baddie. These iconic kicks will transform any outfit you wear 'em with.

    a person wearing a pair of dr. marten platform boots

    5. An orthopedic pillow that'll help you on your journey toward a more productive sleeping position. Reviewers say that after just a few nights of using it, they noticed a significant decline in neck tension and back pain.

    a person sleeping on the pillow

    6. A pack of waterproof peel-and-stick tiles that'll give your floors an instant upgrade. They’re great for renters who want to improve their space without shelling out big bucks to fully retile.

    A wooden credenza on a funky patterned tiled floor

    7. A lapel jacket that'll accompany you on autumn strolls and date nights. It'll be the perfect jacket to wear when you feel like dressing up a bit.

    a person wearing the lapel jacket while holding a purse

    8. An adjustable standing desk attachment that'll work just as well as a full-on standing desk. It can be lowered down far enough that you'll still be able to use it when you're seated, too.

    A person standing to use their computer which is placed on top of the standing desk attachment

    9. A cute throw blanket that'll brighten up your couch or bed. You can also use it as a picnic blanket so you'll have somewhere a little more comfortable than the ground to plant your tush.

    four throw blankets on a table

    10. A reusable boba cup that comes with an extra-wide collapsible straw so you can slurp up those delicious tapioca pearls. It also has a resealable lid so you can transport it without worrying about spills.

    Two reusable boba cups filled with bubble tea

    11. A bottle of purple shampoo that'll tone the heck out of your brassy locks. Reviewers say it's so powerful that you'll only want to use it once every week or two, unless you're actually looking for violet highlights.

    A bottle of milkshake silver shine purple shampoo

    12. An adhesive-free roll of decorative window film that'll make your windows twinkle and shine. It'll also lend you a little extra privacy, especially if you have a window that faces directly into your neighbour's house.

    the adhesive window film on a set of windowed doors

    13. A monthly dry erase board that'll help you keep track of deadlines and meetings. It has a corkboard beneath the calendar that you can use to pin up memos or cute photos, too.

    the monthly dry erase board with two magnets, cork board, and dry erase marker

    14. A pair of dividers that'll help you see the contents of your drawers in a single glance. It'll also encourage you to fold your clothes and save future you from a cluster of wrinkled T-shirts.

    Neat and tidy drawers

    15. A charging port that'll replace the dusty old power bar lying under your desk. It's equipped with surge-protecting technology so you won't have to worry about blowing a fuse as you charge up to ten devices simultaneously.

    The charging port with a phone resting on top

    16. This corner ladder shelf so you can put that annoyingly-stagnant space to use. It's perfect for all of your trinkets and memorabilia that you haven't quite found a home for yet.

    the corner ladder shelf in a living room beside a bright window

    17. A sheet of light-dimming stickers that'll help make sure all of your blinkin' and bloopin' gadgets won't annoy you when you're trying to get some shut-eye.

    18. A pack of Pedialyte freeze pops that'll help you stay cool and hydrated. These babies are great for hot days when you aren't particularly inspired to drink some plain ol' H2O.

    Eight freezies splayed out on a table next to its packaging

    19. A tube of protein treatment that'll help to soften your hair and make it a little more manageable. Reviewers say it'll revive your dead-looking locks, especially if you let it sit on your hair under a shower cap.

    20. A pair of blue light-blocking glasses that'll save you from a headache after long days of staring at a screen. Reviewers say these babies have even helped them get a better night's sleep!

    A person wearing the stylish, cat eye shaped anti-blue light glasses

    21. And finally, a door hanger that'll keep your bags, cardigans, and day-to-day accessories organized and in reach. You can use it in your bathroom for hanging towels, too.

    The door hanger on a door with a scarf, purse, and jacket hanging off of it

    Me, too often:

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