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    20 Rugged And Useful Father's Day Gifts For All The Outdoorsy Dads Out There

    'Tis the season.

    1. This nifty camping lantern that doubles as a fan, to help make sure that their tent is as functional (and comfortable!) as possible. Both the fan and the light swivel, so they can adjust the angles to whatever best suits their setup.

    2. This insulated backpack that'll make sure their drinks and snacks stay fresh and cool while they're on the trail. Reviewers say it's super sturdy and that their icepacks are still cold after a full day in the scorching sun.

    The cooler backpack next to a mountain bike on a trail

    3. A portable tabletop BBQ, so they can grill wherever they go. It comes with a cork lid that doubles as a trivet, so they won't scorch the surface they set it up on.

    The firey tabletop BBQ on a coaster

    4. An insulated tumbler that'll keep their morning coffee hot into the afternoon. It'll also keep their drinks cold — reviewers even say they'll still have ice in their cup after six hours.

    A person holding the rambler outdoors

    5. A fish-finding sonar that'll give them the scoop on where the heck those trout are hiding. It has five different settings for various types of fishing environments, so they can use it whether they're throwin' lines from the shore or on a kayak.

    The fish finder and its specs

    6. A pair of Bose Bluetooth sunglasses that are perfect for the dad who loves to cycle. These babies will let them listen to their tunes and the road (and protect their eyes, of course), so you can feel a little better about their road-side touring.

    A person wearing the glasses

    7. A Spikeball Pro set that'll spice up their next backyard BBQ. It's an active two-on-two game that requires "spiking" the ball onto the net so it ricochets toward their opponent, with a few rules that'll make it equal parts fun and challenging.

    The spikeball balls, net, and carrying bag

    8. A fire pit that'll let them enjoy a campfire in their own backyard, without building one up like they're actually in the woods.

    A carbon steel fire pit

    9. A rechargeable headlamp, so they can see where the heck they're going when they pop out of their tent for a midnight pee. Reviewers say it's wildly bright for how small it is and that it's super durable.

    The rechargeable headlamp next to a USB cord and a small, round, protective case

    10. A folding hand saw, so they can set themselves up with a stack of hearty firewood. Reviewers love that it comes with three different blades, which will allow them to cut through a variety of materials.

    a person using the saw to cut a branch

    11. An insulated thermos, so they'll always have a hot cup of Joe to accompany them on their morning hikes. This thing is big, so they'll definitely be able to share it with their go-to hiking bud, too.

    A person holding the large Stanely thermos

    12. A portable chair, so they'll have somewhere to put their tush when it's wet outside. They're great for camping, too, so they can sit down on something with some back support to 'lax in after a long day of hiking.

    A row of four portable camping chairs by a lake

    13. A solar-powered charging bank that'll come in handy if they ever need to reboot their headlamp, camera, or phone. Reviewers say this baby is small, but mighty, and that it will power up multiple devices on a single charge.

    The solar power bank laid out on some rocks in the wilderness

    14. A portable espresso maker, so they can still have their Americano even when they're off adventuring in the woods. All they'll have to do is scoop their grinds into the filter basket, pour their boiled water into the tank, and press the pump.

    A person holding the portable espresso maker

    15. This insulated bottle and tumblers set that'll keep their summer bevies (for two!) chilled all day long, even on a sweltering afternoon at the beach.

    An insulated bottle next to two insulated wine tumblers with lids

    16. An inflatable sleeping pad, because let's face it: No matter how "outdoorsy" they may be, there's nothing worse than a lousy sleep after a hard day of portaging. Reviewers say it's thick enough that they don't feel the ground when it's inflated, but small enough to comfortably tuck into their hiking pack.

    17. A lensatic compass that'll help them make sure they're headed in the right direction, or get back on track if they ever get lost. Its interface glows in the dark, so they'll be able to use it easily even at night.

    The compass next to the case it comes with

    18. A LifeStraw that'll filter bacteria, parasites, and microplastics out of contaminated water as it travels through the straw's microfiltration membrane. It's super light and easy to pack, which makes it the perfect tool for backcountry camping.

    A person drinking river water out of the LifeStraw

    19. A heavy-duty camping stove, if they are pro-car camping and gear weight isn't a particular issue. Reviewers say they're impressed by how sturdy it is and love the protective case it comes with, too.

    A heavy-duty camping stove

    20. And finally, a rain shell that packs down into its own little pocket! It'll keep them dry when the weather turns, and won't take up much space in their pack when it clears up.

    Because I know too many dads like this:

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