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    23 Nostalgic Products That'll Tug At Your Millennial Heartstrings

    If these don't conjure up the scent of Fantasy by Britney Spears, idk what will.

    1. This Psyduck AirPods case, so you can show off your undying love for the sweetest underrated Pokémon out there. It'll protect your buds and look cute as heck doing it, too.

    a person holding the psyduck airpods case

    2. A Britney Spears T-shirt that features her iconic red jumpsuit, because let's be real: Once a Britney fan, forever a Britney fan.

    a person wearing a britney spears t-shirt

    3. This Sailor Moon pin that you can snap onto your favourite jacket or backpack, so you can reminisce and represent the power of the Sailor Cosmos.

    A sailor moon bow pin on a denim jacket

    4. A set of elastic chokers, in case you felt like reviving your inner '90s baddie. They're flexible and super stretchy, with 12 colours that you can mix and match with whatever outfit your wearing.

    a person with a 90s hair style wearing a stretchy choker layered with a thin necklace

    5. An adorable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle keychain that'll give your housekeys the perfect dose of '90s nostalgia (and show off your boba addiction, too). The design is double-sided, so you'll get to see it no matter which way it dangles.

    a little ninja turtle on a keychain holding a cup of bubble tea

    6. A pack of gel pens, because what other kind of pen would you have ever used back in the day? Now, these babies don't have to live in the past — you can use them to write in your current agenda or to decorate your bullet journal with.

    A row of pens with examples of each ink written on piece of paper

    7. A Legend of Zelda pin, if your obsession with the Ocarina of Time lives on to this day. Each pin is masterfully crafted by hand with incredible attention detail and colours that'll pop against whatever you end up pinning it to.

    four legend of zelda pins: master sword, hyleian shield, fairy bottle, and heart piece

    8. This snazzy Spice Girls card that you can give to your favourite millennial on their next birthday. Just make sure they tell you what they want, what they really, really want you to get them as a gift.

    a card that says you spice up my life with the spice girls illustrated on it

    9. A Powerpuff Girls sweater that'll remind you of sugar, spice, and everything nice. If you always identified with Buttercup, you'll love this vibrant green crewneck — but if Bubbles or Blossom were your fave, this Etsy shop has sweaters that feature them, too.

    A vibrant crew neck sweater with an image of Buttercup on the front

    10. Or a vinyl Mojo Jojo sticker, if you related more to this evil genius than to the show's crime-fighting protagonists. How shocked were you when you found out how enormous his brain was tho!?

    a person holding a palm-sized mojo jojo sticker

    11. A Totoro phone grip that'll help you hold your phone (and look adorb doing it, too). You can also use it as a mini stand to prop up your phone when you want to watch something in landscape mode.

    A totoro-shaped popsocket on a vibrant phone case

    12. A pair of butterfly-shaped hair clips that might not be as vibrant (or easy to break) as the adorable dinky ones you wore as a kid, but they'll definitely remind you of your youth while they wistfully hold back your tresses.

    Two butterfly-shaped clips

    13. A pair of Hey Arnold! earrings that'll guarantee a few gasps and chuckles from fellow millennials who loved this classic Nickelodeon series. Can you remember why Arnold and Gerald are dressed up as fruit!?

    a pair of earrings, one of which is arnold in a banana costume and the other is gerald in a strawberry costumer

    14. A copy of The Secret History Of Twin Peaks, in case you wanted to delve even deeper into this zany '90s TV series. If you've been chewing over the unexplained phenomena the show is famous for, this book will give you the context you've always wanted.

    The cover of The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost

    15. This Iron Giant T-shirt that'll throw back to your favourite childhood tearjerker. Idk about you, but I've cried at this movie too many times to not rep it in some way as an adult.

    A person wearing a t-shirt with the iron giant in a forest designed on the front

    16. A Lizzie McGuire sticker that honestly just speaks my truth. Slap it onto your laptop or phonecase and bask in the memories of everyone's favourite cartoon persona.

    A sticker of the Lizzie Mcguire cartoon persona eating cookies next to the word "mood"

    17. A bestselling Disney colouring book that'll let you lose yourself in the magic of 63 illustrations from familiar scenes in the movies you grew up with.

    18. This hilarious Rugrats phone case, if you were wondering what became of Angelica's beloved Cynthia doll. It's totally customizable, so you can choose your own background colours and even add your name, too.

    A person holding a colourful phone case with Cynthia wearing a leather jacket on it

    19. A pair of The Emporer's New Groove earrings, if the phrase "pull the lever, Kronk — WRONG LEVER!" lives in your head rent free. These cute little danglies will cleverly display both the llama and the vial of poison that catalyzed Kuzco's entire adventure.

    The pair of potion vial earrings, one with a little llama on it, the other with a skull

    20. This Simpsons puzzle that'll keep your brain working and entertained, at the same time. This thing is 1,000 pieces, so be prepared to spend a few hours on it (or grab a puzzle mat so you can roll it away and continue later).

    a puzzle with hundreds of characters from the simpsons

    21. A Star Wars colouring book that'll give your restless mind a break from your electronics. It'll be a great way to recharge after a stressful day — may the Force be with you while you take a breath and colour inside the lines.

    The cover of the star wars colouring book

    22. A pack of teeny-tiny hair elastics, so you can revisit those funky and intricate '90s hairstyles (that are somehow making a comeback!?). They're also perfect for securing braids when you don't want bulky hair ties balled up at the tails.

    Clear, mini hair elastics

    23. And finally, a Friends activity book that'll let you indulge in word games and quizzes about Monica Geller and the gang. Reviewers say it's great for fans of any age, and that it's a hilarious gift option, too.

    The cover of the friends activity book

    Cheers to my fellow millennials!

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