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If All Things Spooky Speak To Your Soul, Here Are 22 Things You'll Want This Halloween

Calling all basic witches.

1. An It-inspired lamp that’ll have you looking over your shoulder for Pennywise. It'll be the *perfect* reading light to use while you binge your next Stephen King novel.

a balloon lamp in a white room

2. A mini waffle maker you can use to make the most morbid breakfast, like, ever. Reviewers love how compact it is and say it's easy to tuck away when they aren't using it.

a mini skull waffle maker on a spooky breakfast table

3. A Sanderson sister plushie if the iconic Hocus Pocus is one of your all-time favourite Halloween movies. IDK about you, but I can't wait to watch it for the thousandth time.

4. A set of ghoulish garden lights that'll illuminate your walkway with a haunting (and cute) glow. You can also stick 'em in your potted indoor plants if you don't have any outdoor space.

ghost garden lights

5. A chilling trinket dish if you live and breathe spooky season all year 'round. You can use it as a catch-all to declutter your side tables, or throw some flowers in it and use it as a grisly vase.

a skull trinkets dish with sunglasses, keys, and a phone in it

6. A hand-shaped candle covered in celestial imagery that you can light at your next palm reading sesh. It'll make any space feel a little more bewitching!

a hand shaped candle on a table surrounded by tarot cards

7. Or a set of flameless candles if you want the vibes, but without the open flame. Reviewers say they look super realistic and love that they actually flicker.

three flameless, glowing candles

8. A black cat bag you can tote around with you on Halloween, whether you're going to a party or taking some little gremlins out trick-or-treating. Did I mention that its eyes light up?!

a black cat tote with glowing eyes

9. A mini haunted house you can use as a nightlight this Halloween. It comes with a teeny-tiny LED light that'll make it glow softly, so you won't have to fuss with tealights.

a glowing miniature haunted house on a wood table

10. A ghoulish tray you can use to display your favourite Halloween candies. It could also make a great jewellery dish for your bands and baubles, especially if your style is generally witchy.

a ghost-shaped plate with candy corn on it

11. A deck of tarot cards you can use to get a glimpse into the world of mystery, magic, and maybe some light fortune-telling. They're cat-themed, for all you feline-obsessed future seekers out there.

a person holding a cat tarot card next to other cat tarot cards

12. And a tarot card stand so you can put your daily readings on display. It has three rivets you can use for candles, crystals, or other altar supplies you like to have on hand.

a wood tarot card stand with three candles on it

13. A pair of enamel pins that are giving some serious Devil In Ohio vibes. Reviewers love that the colours are vibrant and say they're perfect for hats, jackets, and backpacks.

five raven pins

14. A festive sponge cloth if every inch of your house needs to be on-theme, including your sink. It's reusable and odour-resistant, which means it won't get stinky before all the ghouls and goblins come out to play.

a sponge with animals wearing costumes illustrated on it

15. A quirky coffee poster if caffeine is the only dark lord you worship. Put it up in your kitchen and gaze upon it while you sip on your morning cup of java.

a poster that says worship coffee the dark lord with three people bowing to a pot of a coffee illustrated on it

16. And an adorable ghost mug for filling up with coffee and pumpkin-spiced lattes.

a ghost mug on a white background

17. A taper candle holder that'll come in handy at your next séance. It's spooky, but elegant, so you'll definitely be able to display it pre- and post-Halloween, too.

an elegant black candle holder

18. And a ouija board you and a fellow spook-season enthusiast can use to make contact with the 🔮other side🔮. It glows in the dark, which will make your experience all the creepier.

a person using their hands to play with the oujia board

19. A pair of black wine glasses you can drink your favourite potions and concoctions out of. Despite their matte appearance, they're still made of glass — which you'll love if you refuse to sip your Chardonnay out of anything else.

two matte black wine glasses

20. A mystical wall tapestry you can put up on that blank wall you don't know what to do with. You could also use it as a mystical throw blanket or a table cover, too.

a tarot-inspired wall tapestry in a living room

21. An absolutely terrifying table lamp that looks like Jason's mask from Friday The 13th. If you want to scare the bejeezus out of your roommates, this ought to do the trick.

a light-up jason mask on a desk

22. And finally, an internet-famous 12-foot skeleton if going over the top is a non-negotiable when it comes to Halloween. It's splurge-worthy, but heck, the look on your neighbours' faces will be well worth it.

a 12-foot skeleton on a lawn outside of a halloween-decorated house

Happy spooky season, y'all!

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