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    25 Gifts For That Friend Who Is Obsessed With Being Extra

    For all the mermaids, unicorns, and Leos in your life.

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    1. A cute shower cap that'll protect their blowout from getting all frizzy during a quick body shower. They can also use it when they're doing overnight hair treatments to avoid greasing up their pillows and bedsheets.

    A bright shower cap with flamingos printed all over it

    2. A nude flower vase that'll complement the rest of their super-cool decor. Each vase is handmade in Montreal, with certain *ahem* details hand painted with 14-karat gold.

    Two body-shaped flower vases with flowers sticking out of them

    3. A Milk Makeup temporary tattoo stamp that'll make their life easier when it comes to getting creative with makeup. All they'll need to do is press the pen gently onto their skin and voilà! A masterpiece.

    4. A Fenty Beauty diamond bomb highlighter that'll actually make them shine bright like diamond. They can use it on their face, shoulders, legs, or wherever else they gosh darn please.

    Two Fenty Beauty diamond bomb highlighter compacts opened up

    5. A matching lounge set that'll make them never want to look at their old sweats again. It comes with a pair of high-rise joggers, an ultra-long cardigan, and a cropped top they can wear together or mix and match with other pieces in their wardrobe.

    A person wearing the ribbed three-piece lounge set

    6. A pair of silk hair scrunchies that'll help keep their precious locks from snagging or breaking. Reviewers say the elastics in the scrunchies are thick and strong, so they'll actually hold their hair up.

    A person wearing sunglasses and a silk scrunchie in their hair

    7. This rhinestone bobby pin that'll act as a ~glam~ statement piece and also hold their hair in place. They can even thread it through a zipper puller to rock some sparkle on their jacket.

    A glamorous woman holding up a bobby pin with the word "vibes" on it

    8. This ultra-funky brush set that'll inspire them to be even brighter and bolder than they already are (if that's even possible). It comes with a super-cute leopard print pouch they can use to store their new brushes or as a makeup bag.

    A round cheetah print bag with six brushes beside it

    9. A deep-conditioning hair mask that'll nourish their mane, without weighing it down. Reviewers say this stuff melts into their hair like butter, smells amazing, and that it'll leave their hair noticeably softer.

    A person scooping out some of the Amika hair mask, showing that the texture is very thick

    10. A liquid highlighter from Rare Beauty that'll give them a dewy glow all day long. It's perfect for anyone who prefers a soft shimmer over a bold sparkle.

    A variety of liquid highlighter bottles

    11. A set of magnetic lashes that'll give them the extra length they've always wanted, without the icky glue. Just swipe on the magnetic eyeliner it comes with and the lashes will pop right on.

    Five pairs of lashes that vary in length and volume, next to a tube of eyeliner and curved tweezers

    12. An ultra-luxe silk sleep mask that'll help them get their beauty sleep, without pulling their hair or irritating their eyes. It's hypoallergenic and made of silk, so it shouldn't upset their sweet, sensitive skin.

    Four silk eye masks for sleeping

    13. These super-fluffy rainbow slippers that'll make them feel as cute as Elle Woods while they putter around the house. They've got memory foam soles, so they'll make it feel like they're walking on an actual cloud.

    The slippers in all their fluffy glory

    14. A mermaid shower curtain that'll let them live their best bathroom life. They can use it as a backdrop for selfies, too.

    A shower curtain with a pattern that mimicks a mermaid's tail

    15. A pair of shimmering thigh highs that'll let them parade around the house in their fave shorts, without getting too cold. They can also wear them under pants for an added layer of warmth (and sparkle).

    A person showing off the shimmering thigh highs

    16. A bathtub pillow that will let them bask in bubbles and Epsom salts, without wrecking their neck. It has suction cups on the back to minimize any slipping and sliding.

    A bathtub pillow with neck and back support in a tub surrounded by flower petals and candles

    17. A tub of Sol de Janeiro's Bum Bum Cream that'll rock their senses to heaven and back. If the deliciously buttery scent isn't enough, it'll also leave behind a subtle glimmer once it's rubbed in.

    An open tub of the luxurious Brazilian Bum Bum Cream by Sol de Janeiro

    18. A three-piece satin PJ set that'll prove that yes, they really did wake up like that. It comes with a loose-fitting button up, an adjustable bralette, and a pair of high-waisted shorts that'll make them feel cute, even while they snooze.

    The three-piece satin PJ set displayed on hangers

    19. A ring light kit that'll make them feel even more TikTok famous than they already are. They can adjust both the brightness and colour of the light, so they can experiment with different vibes.

    20. A pair of high-rise sequin pants that'll help them channel their inner David Bowie. They have an elastic waistband that makes them easy for them to throw on, even if it's just to go to the grocery store.

    A person wearing the high-rise sequin pants

    21. A cute mug with a quote that'll probably sum them up perfectly. It features a unicorn, a rhyme, a Miss Congeniality throwback, and a threat all at once. What more could they want from their morning coffee?

    A mug with a unicorn on it that says "she is beauty she is grace she can stab you in the face."

    22. A huge plush unicorn that'll remind them of how amazingly extra you think they are. Aside from a cute and fluffy display piece, they can also use it as a pillow.

    A large stuffed unicorn  toy

    23. A sequin pillow cover that'll add a pop of fabulous to whatever room they choose to showcase it in. Reviewers say it's super friggin' sparkly, in case you were worried it wouldn't be.

    24. A pair of multi-coloured light strips they'll use as the backdrop for all of their viral TikTok dances. It comes with two rolls of lights and a ton of colour choices — they just have to stick them onto whatever surface they think needs a little shine.

    A living room with long couches lined with the LED light strips below them on the floor, and above along the ceiling

    25. A leopard print throw blanket that'll let them relive their Cheetah Girls days over and over again. It's soft, cozy, and most importantly, they can sling it around their shoulders and wear it like a cape.

    A leopard print blanket strewn over a cushioned chair next to a set of drawers that has a plant perched on top, for ambiance

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