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    18 Clothing Finds From Amazon Canada That Are Cute, Comfy, And Have Excellent Reviews

    They're all affordable, too.

    1. A pair of bestselling sweatpants for the ultimate chill-at-home vibes. Reviewers love how soft these babies are and say the material isn't so thick that it makes them overheat.

    a peson wearing the high waisted sweats in a mirror

    2. A sleeveless midi dress you'll be able to dress up or down, depending on the occasion. Reviewers love wearing it at the office because they say it feels as comfy as working in PJs.

    3. A cute tunic top with a babydoll silhouette that'll flow with your bod as you go about your day. Reviewers say it's super comfortable and love how stretchy it is.

    a person wearing the long tunic blouse in a kitchen

    4. A stylish blouse with ruffled sleeves that'll make you feel a little more dressed up, even if you're just wearing it with jeans. Reviewers love its relaxed fit and say the material feels ✨expensive✨.

    a person wearing the top with a pair of jeans

    5. A loose-fitting T-shirt that'll become your go-to on days when you don't feel like overthinking your outfit. Reviewers say it's the perfect top to pair with leggings and like that it's long enough to cover their bum.

    6. A cropped corduroy jacket that is practically begging you to grab a pumpkin spice latte and step on some crunchy leaves. Reviewers love its oversized fit and say it's roomy enough to wear over a hoodie, which will come in handy when the temps start to drop.

    a person crouching down while wearing the jacket with jeans and boots

    7. A super cute sweater tank that'll make you feel as put together as Elle Woods. Reviewers love how thick it is and say it looks fab layered over a dress shirt, too.

    a person taking a photo of themselves in a mirror wearing the checkered knit tank top

    8. A two-piece jumpsuit that reviewers say is perfect for special occasions. Plus, you can always mix and match the pieces with other stuff on days you don't want to wear 'em together.

    9. A lightweight cardigan you can easily layer once the weather starts to cool down. Reviewers love the longer length and say it's super soft, too.

    10. A unique denim jacket that'll add a whole lot of personality to your autumn wardrobe. Reviewers love the vibrant pattern and say its relaxed fit is *perfection*.

    11. A pair of stylish joggers you can wear at the gym, to the grocery store, or even while you lounge in bed. Reviewers say they're ultra comfortable and that they're a total lululemon dupe, too.

    12. And a sweat-wicking cropped top that reviewers say is comparable to lululemon's Align tank. It's stretchy, breathable, and buttery-soft (and it's a bestseller, too).

    a person wearing and stretching out the tank top

    13. A zip-up hoodie that'll both look and feel great thrown over your favourite tank. Reviewers love how lightweight it is and say it doesn't cling whatsoever.

    a person wearing the sweater while lying on the hood of a car

    14. An easy-breezy maxi dress that'll become a staple piece in your wardrobe, especially when you're in a rush to get ready. Reviewers say the fabric has a nice stretch to it and that they love pairing it with a cropped denim jacket.

    15. A pair of high-waisted leggings that reviewers say won't slide down while you're out on a run. They're made of smooth, light compression material and are equipped with three pockets you can stash your phone, keys, and cards in.

    a person lunging in the leggings

    16. A plaid shirt jacket in case you didn't get the chance to hop on the "shacket" trend last autumn. Reviewers say it's stylish, comfy, and super soft, too.

    17. Or an extra-long shacket you can wear on brisk days when you'd rather be cozied up in a blanket. Reviewers say it's a great layering piece and that it's a total Aritzia dupe.

    18. And finally, a stretchy bodysuit for anyone who likes the aesthetic of a tucked-in shirt, but hates the upkeep of making sure it actually stays tucked. Reviewers love the snap-button closure at the crotch because they don't have to get undressed to use the bathroom when they're wearing it.

    a person wearing a square neck bodysuit

    Me, at everything on this list:

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