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    27 Of The *Best* Decluttering Products You Can Get From Amazon Canada

    They'll hide the mess for you.

    1. An outlet cover and power bar duo that'll keep your cables from being the main event on your wall. It'll instantly make your space look tidier by hiding those uggo cords and keeping them all in one spot, too.

    the before and after images of the outlet cover and power strip

    2. A set of pot lid holders you can stick to the inside of a cupboard door. They'll help to keep your cabinets from overflowing and make your kitchen a bit more functional.

    two pot lids resting in holders that are mounted to a cupboard door

    3. A pack of drawer dividers that'll transform your junk drawer into a more organized situation. They're expandable, meaning they should fit even if your drawers are an awkward size.

    three expanding dividers organizing a drawer

    4. A compact jewellery case that'll help you keep your bling organized. It zips up, which makes it fab for bringing along on trips.

    a jewellery box on a soft surface

    5. A bestselling entryway organizer so you can avoid the "where are my keys?" freakout the next time you're running late. It comes with a shelf you can use for dog bags, lip balms, or other loose items you might need to grab on your way out.

    a sleek entryway organizer with five hooks and a shelf

    6. A set of cable management boxes that'll tame the jumble of cords beside your desk, bed, and TV. They'll prevent dust from building up in your power bars and make things look a heck of a lot less crowded.

    a small, medium, and large cable management box stacked on top of one another

    7. A pair of pan racks that'll save you from stacking your skillets and scratching them. You can also use them to hold your cutting boards, lids, and baking sheets to keep your kitchen in order.

    8. A pack of hanger-connecting hooks that'll give you even more room to hang your clothes. If your wardrobe is packed to the brim, these babies will help to make a little more space.

    9. A set of bamboo storage boxes if your sandwich bag drawer is looking a little wild these days. Each box is labelled, which will let you know exactly which bag you're grabbing.

    the boxes in a drawer with baggies inside of them

    10. A styling tool organizer you can sling over a cupboard door to keep your flat irons and curling wands from cluttering your bathroom counter. You can adjust the height of the hangers or remove 'em all together if you'd rather mount it to a wall or set it on your vanity.

    11. A wine rack that'll gussy up your bar cart, while saving your corks from shriveling up and ruining your vino. It also stacks, so if you've got quite the collection starting up, you can grab a few to make a shelf with them.

    four bottles of wine laying in the wine rack on a marble counter

    12. A rose gold storage rack that'll help you reorganize your vanity or bathroom counter. Reviewers say it's perfect for displaying their go-to skincare products, makeup, and perfumes.

    a rose gold shelf with skin care products on it

    13. A trio of fabric baskets you can use for towels, blankets, dog toys, makeup, and whatever else you might have lying around. Reviewers say they're super sturdy and love how stylish they look stacked on a shelf or in a closet.

    three fabric baskets on a floor filled with blankets, towels, and toys

    14. Or a set of monochrome cube organizers that'll tidy up your shelves and help you manage any clutter. Reviewers say they're nice 'n' sturdy and instantly make their space look more neat.

    six fabric organizing cubes on a shelf

    15. A magnetic shelf that'll give you extra space for pantry items right on the side of your fridge. Reviewers say the magnet is mega strong, meaning you won't have to worry about it sliding off.

    a spice rack shelf with a paper towel roll holder mounted to a roll

    16. A handy side table you can use in your living room or as a nightstand beside your bed. It also functions as a cable management system, with a slot through the bottom for cords and a tiny hook to hang the end of your charger off of.

    The storage table next to a couch

    17. A metallic tray that'll give you a spot to leave your glasses and bling before you climb into bed. It'll help declutter your nightstand and amp up the ~aesthetic~ factor of your room to boot.

    metallic trinkets tray on a desk

    18. An over-door pocket organizer that'll serve as a simple and inexpensive storage solution in your more-than-cozy kitchen. It's great for organizing spices, vitamin bottles, condiments, and whatever else you might have trouble finding a spot for.

    A door-hanging organizing shelf

    19. A shoe bench that'll give you somewhere to stack your pumps and sneakers if you don't have much of a mudroom. It'll also give you someplace to sit when you have to tie or untie your laces.

    a shoe bench shelf with shoes in them

    20. A pair of multi-purpose hooks you can use hang your coffee cups, spatulas, and pans instead of cramming everything together.

    ladles and mugs hanging from the hooks which are mounted under a cabinet shelf

    21. Or an under-cabinet stemware rack you can use to display your wine glasses. It'll also free up some room in your cupboard, which is always a plus.

    a set of wine glasses hanging on the undermounted rack

    22. A desk shelf that'll give your office situation a mini upgrade. It's adjustable, which means you can configure it to whatever shape suits your workspace.

    The adjustable desk shelf on a desk with various knickknacks and books on it

    23. A set of magnetic spice jars you can pop onto your fridge, so you won't have to dig around in your cupboards every time you need the garlic powder.

    12 spice jars on the side of a fridge

    24. Or a pack of pre-printed labels that'll give the spice jars you already have an upgrade. You'll get a whopping assortment of 184 spice and herb names, plus eight blank sheets if you need to write up your own.

    spice jars with labels on each one

    25. A pack of vacuum-seal storage bags that'll help you stow your off-season clothes and extra bedding more compactly. You can also use them to make more room in your suitcases (so you can go ahead and pack that umpteenth pair of underwear LOL).

    Two images showing neatly stored clothes in the vacuum-seal bags

    26. A pair of stackable shelves that'll help you use as much of your cupboard space as possible. You could also keep them on the countertop for go-to items in your kitchen or bathroom.

    Two shelves stacked on top of one another with cooking supplies on each level

    27. And finally, a pack of Command cable organizers you can stick the side of your appliances to keep your cords from getting tangled up. You can also use 'em on side of your desk if your laptop chargers and modem plugs are being aggressive.

    The cable organizer mounted on the back of a nespresso coffee machine

    Whenever someone calls me a neat freak:

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