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    If You Work From Home, You Probably Need These 37 Products

    Especially if you basically live in front of your laptop.

    1. A tub of reusable cleaning putty that'll get dust out of the most annoying little nooks and crannies. It's perfect if you love to snack over your laptop, but hate finding crumbs in your keyboard.

    A person cleaning their keyboard with the cleaning putty

    2. A charging port that'll replace that dusty old power bar lying under your desk. It is equipped with surge-protecting technology, so you won't have to worry about blowing a fuse as you charge up to eight devices simultaneously.

    The charging port on a wall above a desk, charging multiple devices simultaneously

    3. A pack of cable holders that'll keep your workspace satisfyingly organized. Each holder comes with four wire slots and an adhesive sticker for easy installment.

    Three cable holders on a desk with wires running through one of them, next to a laptop and a phone

    4. An adjustable laptop stand, because you should probably start thinking about your posture. It swivels, so you can rotate it toward any direction you want. You can also use it as an alternative to a standing desk from time to time to give your hip flexors a little break from sitting.

    A laptop on the swivel stand in front of a large window with a separate keyboard beneath it

    5. A flexible phone stand that'll save you from looking down when you're supposed to be on a Zoom meeting. Just clip it onto the edge of your desk and ta-da! You can finally stop fumbling around with books or mugs to lean your phone up against.

    The flexible phone stand clipped onto a bedside table

    6. A cable management box that'll tame that tangled mess of cords beside your desk. It'll also prevent dust from building up in the sockets, preserving the life of your power bars and chargers.

    The before and after photos of an extension cord messily out in the open and then covered and organized inside of the cord box

    7. A bestselling desk mat that'll protect your desk from daily wear and tear. It's reversible, with different colours on each side — so you can switch up your WFH aesthetic from time to time.

    The desk mat in front of a monitor with a keyboard, tablet, mouse, plant, and camera on it

    8. A wire memo board that'll keep your to-do lists and funky decor from cluttering your desk. Reviewers love how multifunctional it is — you can even use it to hang plants off of to make your space a little greener.

    The grid wire panel on a wall with memos and decoration hanging off of it above a desk with a laptop on it

    9. A set of glass bulb planters that'll upgrade your home office decor and work on that green thumb you've been neglecting. You'll want to opt for low-maintenance plants like pothos, which can thrive in water alone and are a cinch to care for.

    The water bulb planters on a desk beside incense and books

    10. A lumbar support cushion that'll give your back the TLC it probably needs. Reviewers say it's a total game changer when it comes to improving their posture and alleviating back pain, making it a heck of a lot more bearable to sit in front of a screen all day.

    Someone sitting in an office chair leaning against the supportive back cushion

    11. An essential oil diffuser that'll remind you to chill the heck out on stressful workdays. It'll let you explore the benefits of aromatherapy and revitalize the air around you for up to seven hours.

    The air diffuser on a desk in a bright room glowing a soft orange colour while shooting mist out of the top

    12. A felt bedside caddy for those of you who refuse to clock those hours from anywhere besides your bed. It'll save you from bombarding your nightstand with work junk, and give your laptop a safe place to live when you're ready to hit the hay.

    Someone slipping their mac book into the bedside caddy

    13. A "super" floating book shelf that'll spice up your library and free some space on your desk. Reviewers say it's ultra sturdy, and love that it enhances their office decor without being too obtrusive.

    A superhero holding up a pile of books above a desk with decor and plants on it

    14. A foot rest that'll make your WFH comfort levels skyrocket. Reviewers say it can help with back pain and keep your frosty feet off of the chilly floor.

    A person sitting at an office chair with their feet rested on the cushion

    15. A desk shelf that'll help you take your home office organization to the next level. It's adjustable, so you can configure it to whatever shape suits your workspace.

    The adjustable desk shelf on a desk with various knickknacks and books on it

    16. A transparent mat that'll save your floor from chair marks and scuffs. It isn't made for carpets, but your wooden floor will thank you — and so will your landlord.

    The clear mat in a home office with a rolling office chair on top

    17. A padded laptop table for those of you who don't have room for a desk (or straight up just prefer your couch). It has a flat wooden shelf on top to keep your stuff from toppling over, and little pockets on the sides for earphones and cords.

    A laptop on the padded laptop table next to a funky blanket

    18. A docking station that'll save your desk from random clutter. It has a little slot to stick your charging cables through, so you won't risk damaging your precious charging cords.

    The docking station with a phone, wallet, watches, pen and credit card organized

    19. A pack of ultra-thin webcam covers, so you can have control over when they're exposed. They'll also do wonders to protect your camera from scratches, especially on iPads or tablets where it's always exposed.

    A person using their laptop that has a webcam cover over their camera

    20. A minimalist UV phone sterilizer that doubles as a charging station, so your phone is never dead or dirty. It'll take 20 minutes to get rid of 99.9% of the bacteria on your phone, and about three hours for a full charge.

    The sleek charging station with a phone inside

    21. A pair of dry-erase calendars that'll help you keep track of your day-to-day deadlines. You’ll get two calendars: one for the whole month and one for your week, for time management skills that are off the hook.

    A person admiring their two fridge calendars while holding a dry-erase marker

    22. A stovetop espresso maker that'll keep you fueled until your next Zoom meeting. It uses a funnel for the espresso grinds, so you won't need to stock up on disposable filters.

    The espresso maker on a tray next to a cute plant

    23. A ball chair that'll activate those core muscles while you sit at your desk. The supportive back bar is adjustable, so you can choose how high or low it is. Reviewers say it has helped them relieve back pain, improve their posture, and boost their energy levels.

    A person stretching as they sit on the balance ball chair in their office

    24. A sleek Microsoft Arc mouse that'll let you kiss your ratty old wrist cushion goodbye. It's designed to fit the shape of your hand, with precise tracking and the ability to scroll vertically and horizontally.

    The Microsoft arc mouse beside a laptop

    25. A funky neon light that'll give your home office a seriously majestic vibe. Reviewers say they like how it doesn't heat up while it's on and how the weighted base keeps it from toppling off their desk.

    A unicorn-shaped neon light perched on a bed next to a vinyl record, phone, and fluffy pillow

    26. A peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll give your office space the accent wall it deserves. Reviewers say it's super easy to install (and remove, when the time comes). You can also use it to ~zhuz~ up your actual desk if it's starting to look a little old and tired.

    A stylish chair in front of the floral wallpaper

    27. A mug warmer that'll save you from making the trip to the microwave every time you forget about your cup of tea. Reviewers say it's great to keep on your desk, especially if you're constantly on calls and can't always find a moment take a sip.

    A cup of tea sitting on the mug warmer

    28. A metallic waste bin that'll give your trash somewhere stylish to live. It has a soft-close mechanism (so the lid won't smash down every time it shuts) and it comes with a removable insert that'll make emptying it a breeze.

    A metallic wastebasket with a pedal opening system next to a wooden dresser

    29. A leafy art print that'll enhance the general ~aesthetic~ of your space — especially if you don't have enough light for real plant babies. It's drawn by hand and printed in Montreal on recycled matte paper.

    A leafy art print hanging in a frame next to a snake plant and a side table with vases on it

    30. A set of earth-toned coasters that'll save your desk from condensation ring stains and burns. They're made out of cork, so you can put them in your compost when they've (eventually) reached the end of their days.

    Four coasters on a table, one with a cute mug of coffee sitting on top

    31. A super-fast wireless charger that'll double as a stand for your phone. It has dual conductivity coils that'll let you charge your phone in an upright position and in landscape mode, so you can still watch videos while it charges.

    A person using the charger with their phone in landscape mode and a person using it in portrait mode

    32. A merino wool mouse pad that'll serve as an excellent eco-friendly alternative to the typical synthetic ones you always see. It's designed with a cork backing, so it won't slip and slide around while you use your mouse.

    A sleek mouse on the round mouse pad

    33. A glass tumbler you can look forward to filling with your smoothie every morning. It comes with a fitted bamboo lid with a straw and a silicone cosy to keep your hands from getting too frosty.

    Four tumblers of various colours on a leafy backdrop

    34. A posture-improving cushion that'll push your tush forward, so you can stop slumping over your laptop. Reviewers say it's also great to use in your car, especially if driving is part of your job!

    35. A frosted water bottle with time markers that'll motivate you to keep sipping, all day long. Reviewers love that it helps them keep track of how much they drink, and find it especially helpful on super-busy days when they tend to neglect the little things (y'know, like drinking, eating, breathing, etc.).

    The water bottle in a car's cup holder

    36. A textured storage bin you can use to stash your agenda and other notebooks in. It's made without any plastic (woo!), and can eventually be recycled when it has seen the end of its days.

    The bin with various books inside

    37. And finally, a glass terrarium that comes with three faux succulents and gravel, so all you need to do is hang it up. It requires literally no maintenance (except a little dusting every now and then), which is ideal for your wildly busy schedule.

    A glass terrarium hanging in front of a textured wall

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