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    26 Gifts That Are So Good, I Might Just Buy Them For Myself This Year

    Who wouldn't wanna snatch these up?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of Ugg Classic Mini II Boots because they're just so cute 'n' trendy. They'll keep their feet cozy and toasty (just make sure they don't run into anything too wet out there).

    a person wearing a pair of cozy uggs

    2. A Tushy bidet that'll make trips to the toilet a whole new experience. Reviewers say it's a total cinch to install and that it'll work wonders for anyone who is prone to chafing or sensitive to toilet paper.

    a tushy bidet on a toilet

    3. A lululemon Everywhere Fleece Belt Bag that's as gosh darn stylish as it is handy. It'll hold all their go-to thingamajigs and keep their hands free, so they can safely beep-bop around town on their bike or walk their dog.

    Victoria using her everywhere fleece bag

    4. A copy of Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch if they're looking for an *actually* fun way to spice up their fitness routine. They'll be so busy exploring worlds and fighting enemies to even realize they've worked up a sweat.

    a person playing with the ring fit adventure

    5. A Ninja air fryer if achieving the ultimate crunch is the kind of gift you'd like to give this year. This particular model comes with two baskets, meaning they'll be able to cook two crispy dishes simultaneously.

    a person using the two-basket air fryer to make a meal

    6. A Mejuri diamond letter bracelet that'll make them "ooh" and "ahh" every single time they look at it. It's the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who loves a personalized piece.

    a person wearing a gold bracelet with a diamond m on it

    7. A set of nesting bowls that are great for food prepping, baking, and holding party snacks in. They come with airtight lids, so they'll come in handy for putting leftovers away, too.

    the bowls, their lids, and the utensils

    8. A heated blanket that'll cocoon them in warmth this holiday season. It'll automatically turn off after six hours, meaning they'll never have to worry about it.

    a person wrapped in a heating blanket

    9. A reading pillow if they like to binge a chapter or two before hitting the hay. They'll also appreciate it if they play video games or even work from bed from time to time.

    a person leaning agains the reading pillow

    10. A tub of Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream that'll rock their senses to heaven and back. If the deliciously-buttery scent isn't more than enough, it'll also leave behind a subtle shimmer once it's rubbed in.

    11. A tabletop air hockey set that'll give them and their roommates something fun to do on nights in. It's mini, so they could even bring it along to parties, too.

    two people playing mini air hockey

    12. A cozy throw blanket that'll make their couch or bed situation cozier than ever. I mean, who wouldn't wanna wrap themselves up in this thing?

    a person holding up a cozy looking blanket

    13. An Always Pan if you believe they deserve the *finest* cookware. Aside from its gorgeous design, it's also functional as heck (it's non-stick, equipped with spouts, and even comes with a steaming basket).

    14. A Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer that might make them shed a literal tear of joy if this is something that's been on their list for a while. It comes with five attachments they can use to achieve all kinds of styles, which means they won't need to get any extra.

    the dyson hair dryer and all of its attachments

    15. An itty-bitty massage gun if their muscles could use a little TLC. It comes with four different heads that can target all kinds of knots and sore spots.

    a person using the massage gun on their shoulder

    16. Or a heated deep tissue massager so they can sit back and relax while they soothe their neck and back. Reviewers say it can help to relieve migraines and that it calms their ultra-tense traps like nothing else.

    a person wearing the massage device around their shoulders

    17. A karaoke microphone that'll have 'em singing their hearts out at their next shindig. It comes with a built-in phone stand, meaning they can display the lyrics to whatever tune they choose to belt out.

    a person holding a microphone that has a phone holder attached to it

    18. A handy-dandy juicer for the host who does the most and can't help but craft a slew of fancy cocktails and mocktails. It'll separate peels and rinds for them, which will seriously cut down on prep time.

    a large juicing machine on a white background next to various fruits

    19. A funky neon bar sign that'll dress up their liquor shelf. If shaking up beveraginos is a must at their parties, they're bound to love this ✨vibrant✨ decor piece.

    a neon light-up sign that says bar

    20. A ginormous tumble tower game that is deeply inspired by Jenga — except this baby can stack up to five feet tall. Reviewers recommend playing in the grass or on a carpet to avoid denting the pieces (and your hardwood floors).

    a giant tumble tower game falling down on grass

    21. A string of fairy light clips that'll make their bedroom twinkle and glow, all while giving them somewhere unique to display their fave prints and photos.

    22. A wrap pillow with built-in neck support, meaning they'll be able to rest their head even if they're stuck with an aisle seat. It'll also take up way less space in their bag than a typical, U-shaped travel cushion.

    a person sleeping on a plane while wearing the neck pillow

    23. A balance board that'll challenge them to stabilize their core while they're posted up at their desk.

    a person standing on the balance board

    24. A mini pool table they'll be happy to bust out the next time they host a party. It won't take up much space, so there'll still be plenty of room for other games and festivities, too.

    a tiny pool table on a carpet

    25. A SodaStream if fizzy water is their jam. It'll help them cut back on buying bottles of Perrier and save them from making a trip to the store every time they're craving bubbles, too.

    a soda stream next to a glass, a bottle, and a co2 canister

    26. And finally, a glare-free Kindle Paperwhite that'll help them declutter their shelves and build the ~virtual~ library of their dreams. It's waterproof, meaning they can fearlessly use it while they're relaxing in the bath.

    Bianca holding a kindle

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