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    27 Super Cute Things That'll Make Over Your Whole Bedroom

    It's time for a refresh.

    1. A string of decorative globe lights that'll turn your bedroom into your favourite place to hang. They'll emit a soft glow, which you'll love if bright overhead lights aren't your thing.

    globe lights against a wall

    2. A stylish fan you can keep on your nightstand, in case you tend to overheat while you sleep. It'll also help to circulate the air in your room, which you'll appreciate if you don't have many windows.

    a cute fan in front of a window

    3. This tiny daisy plate that'll look just as cute as the trinkets you put in it. Without a doubt, it'll brighten up your vanity, desk, or wherever else you choose to put it.

    a daisy shaped dish with rings on it

    4. A woven basket that'll hold your throws when you aren't using them. You could also use it as a stylish hamper, or even as a pot cover for your favourite house plant.

    a stylish basket with a macrame fringe around the top and a pillow inside

    5. A door hanger that'll keep your bags, cardigans, and day-to-day accessories organized and in reach. Since it hooks over your door, you won’t need to screw it in or use tools to install it.

    The door hanger on a door with a scarf, purse, and jacket hanging off of it

    6. This adorable flower print that'll make you want to grow a garden of your own. It's an illustration of a Canadian goldenrod flower, with its Latin name printed in small letters just beneath it.

    an illustration of canadian golden rod flowers

    7. A tissue box holder that'll hide those not-so-cute boxes you usually find at the grocery store. You don't have to let your allergies ruin your decor!

    a tissue box holder with tissues inside on a table

    8. This rustic planter you can suspend from your ceiling (or even hang off of a curtain rod). It doesn't have drainage holes, so it won't drip onto whatever surface you hang it over.

    a hanging planter with a trailing plant inside

    9. A set of cupboard knobs, if your drawers could use a little love. Reviewers say they are solid and not hollow or flimsy like some handle replacements tend to be.

    A set of kitchen cabinets with the knobs on them

    10. This stunning wall decal that'll brighten up whatever space you put it in. It's self adhesive, so all you'll have to do is pick a spot in your bedroom and stick it on!

    a round, vibrant wall decal with a forest and mountain illustration on a wall above a dresser

    11. A set of mountable vases that'll turn your walls into a gosh-darned jungle. You can use them for water plants, air plants, or to keep freshly cut flowers in.

    four vases with plants and water in each, mounted on a wall

    12. This storage-savvy bed frame that comes with built-in shelves and fabric drawers, so you can finally utilize the space under your bed. Reviewers love that there are cubbies at the end and on both sides of the bed.

    a bed on the storage bed frame in a cute room

    13. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll give your bedroom the summery accent wall it deserves. You can also use it to ~zhuzh~ up any old furniture that's starting to look a little tired.

    14. A set of fairy light curtains that'll revamp your bedroom with a v chill vibe. You can plug them in or power them with AA batteries, which is great if you only have one outlet (and it's on the other side of your room).

    Fairy lights hanging over a sheer curtain

    15. This narrow side table that'll look cute as heck beside your bed. It has a fabric sling in the middle that you can stash your fave books or records in.

    the narrow side table next to a sofa with a plant and a coffee cup on the surface and magazines in the sling

    16. This adorbs waste bin that'll turn your trash into home decor. It's the perfect size to put under your desk, vanity, or in a corner of your bedroom.

    a floral waste bin

    17. A wall-mounted desk that folds down, so you can enjoy the extra space when you're not using it. If you plan on studying or working from your bedroom any time soon, this baby will be a godsend.

    18. A pair of adhesive light strips that'll serve as the backdrop for all of your viral TikTok content. It'll give you 20 colours to choose from, as well as six options that'll let you customize lighting effects.

    A living room with long couches lined with the LED light strips below them on the floor, and above along the ceiling

    19. A macrame hanging that'll fill the empty space on your bedroom wall. If textiles are your thing, you'll love the look of this rustic piece.

    a hanging macrame wall piece in a bedroom

    20. This duvet cover set that'll brighten up your bedroom with its floral pattern. The cover has a zipper, so you won't spend half an hour fumbling with buttons when you want to wash it.

    a floral bed set on a comfy bed in a relaxing room

    21. This gorgeous candle that is made with real dried flowers, if you're looking to elevate the ambiance in your room.

    a lit candle on a tray next to a bouquet of tulips

    22. An adhesive-free roll of decorative window film that'll make your windows twinkle and shine. It'll also lend you a little extra privacy, especially if you have a bedroom window that faces directly into your neighbour's house.

    the adhesive window film on a set of windowed doors

    23. A full-length mirror that doubles as a cabinet, so you can declutter your nightstand of makeup, toiletries, and jewellery. It locks, so you can stash your treasures inside to keep 'em extra safe.

    24. A jewellery stand that'll save your long necklaces from getting tangled up in your jewellery box. You can also use it to display your impressive collection of face masks (it's great for air drying them, too!).

    a jewelry stand with face masks hanging off of it

    25. This corner ladder shelf, so you can put that annoyingly-stagnant space to use. It's perfect for all of your trinkets and memorabilia that you haven't quite found a home for yet.

    the corner ladder shelf in a living room beside a bright window

    26. A set of sheer curtains that'll let the sunlight trickle into your bedroom. The trailing pattern will bring a hint of florals into your space and the gauzy fabric will allow you to take advantage of summer breezes.

    A set of sheer curtains on a bright window with small flowers patterned on them

    27. And finally, a six-foot long string of bee-shaped lights that'll bless your space with an adorable ambient glow. String them along your window sill or wrap them around your nightstand for a rustic ~lewk~.

    A string of bee-shaped fairy lights

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