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    19 Bedroom Decor Finds That’ll Make Your Space Feel *So* Cozy

    Warm hues, fluffy textures, and wood accents galore.

    1. A snuggly throw blanket that'll make your sleeping situation softer and fluffier than ever. Reviewers say it's super plush and love that it's reversible, with a faux fur shag on one side and a soft fleece on the other.

    a shaggy blanket draped over a wood chair

    2. A string of fairy light clips that'll make your bedroom twinkle and glow, all while giving you somewhere unique to display your fave prints and photos.

    3. A neutral rug that'll add a bit of warmth to your bedroom. Even if you already have a carpet, nothing says "hygge" more than layered textures and fabrics.

    a cozy rug on a wood floor

    4. A woodsy tapestry that'll look fab hung up behind your bed. If you're tired of your boring white walls, this baby will provide a more exciting palette without the fuss (and cost) of painting.

    A mushroom tapestry on a wall in a stylish bedroom

    5. A luxurious velvet curtain because there's nothing cozy about bare, cold windows. The fabric will let some light through, so you can take advantage of the sunshine.

    a velvet curtain hanging over a window

    6. A bouquet of reed flowers that'll bring fall vibes into your space. They're artificial, which means they'll won't require any maintenance and they'll pretty much last forever.

    a bouquet of faux reed flowers next to a hat

    7. And a ceramic vase you can use to ~stylishly~ display your new arrangement. Its earthy tone and matte texture will mesh perfectly with your soft, minimalist vibes.

    a curved vase on a counter

    8. A rust-coloured bedding set that'll zhuzh up your bedroom with its warm hue. Reviewers say it's incredibly soft, especially after the first wash.

    a cozy bed made up with a plush comforter set

    9. A sunset projector light for a golden hour that never ends. Reviewers love that it has a ton of settings to play with, including brightness, warmth, colours, and music syncing.

    a funky sunset projector lamp on a table

    10. A four-tiered shelf that'll transform the empty corner in your room into a cute nook with wooden accents. Reviewers say it's perfect for plants and sentimental trinkets you'd like to put on display.

    a four-tiered shelf in the corner of a room

    11. A mini essential oil diffuser that'll give the air around you a major refresh. It'll let you explore the benefits of aromatherapy with scented oils and help you chill the heck out, too.

    a dim diffuser lamp

    12. An adorable tufted cushion because what could be cozier than having a surplus of pillows in your bedroom? Reviewers love the texture it adds to their space and say it looks perfect as a throw on their bed.

    a tufted throw with textured polkadots on it

    13. Or a lounge pillow you can use as comfy seating when you're hanging in your room with pals. Reviewers say it's super thick and comfortable, and love how easy it it to wipe the fabric clean.

    a large lounge cushion next to a wicker chair

    14. A rattan frame you can use to accessorize your desk, shelf, or nightstand. It'll complement the other warm hues in your bedroom for an overall cozier vibe.

    a rattan picture frame on a stylish ledge

    15. A crocheted chair hammock for the ultimate lounging experience. It'll probably become your fave place to read, scroll, and enjoy your morning cup of joe, too.

    a chair hammock on a patio

    16. A three-wick candle that'll fill your bedroom with the sweet and spicy aroma of "bourbon brûlée". You can use the glass jar for trinkets and jewellery once the candle has burned down, too.

    A three-wick candle in a decorative glass jar

    17. Or a trio of flameless candles if you'd rather not worry about having actual fire in your room. Reviewers say their flicker is super realistic and love that they come with a remote to control them with.

    three flameless candles on a wood surface

    18. A hanging macrame shelf you can use to show off your favourite knickknacks and thingamajigs. Reviewers say the pattern is gorgeous and that setting up takes less than five minutes.

    a macrame shelf on a wall holding a vase full of flowers

    19. And finally, a woven basket that'll hold all of your comfy throws when you aren't using them. You can also use it as a rustic hamper, if the one you're currently using is less than cute.

    a rustic woven basket with a throw blanket inside

    You, once your package full of cozy stuff arrives:

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