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    19 Adorable Baby Gifts That New Parents Will Actually Appreciate

    So sorry, but items on this list may be too cute to handle.

    1. A three-piece baby outfit that'll keep their youngster cozy (and stylish) when the temps drop. Each piece is handmade in Quebec with super-soft jersey material they'll wanna snuggle with all day long.

    2. A memory book new parents can use to keep track of milestones, like their baby's first laugh and first step. Reviewers say it's an amazing keepsake and that it'll be something special to look back on once their kids get older.

    the cover of a baby memory book with a tiny elephant illustrated on it

    3. An adorable hooded towel that'll make everyone say, "Awwww." Reviewers say it's super soft and absorbent (and that it's great for a cute photo op, too).

    a baby wearing a towel that has a face and bunny ears on the hood

    4. A wooden activity gym that'll give their baby tons to explore, all while lying down. The hanging toys will give them textures and sounds to fiddle with, while the cushioned play mat can double as a cozy napping area.

    a baby lying under an activity gym

    5. A pair of lil' baby booties that are so cute, they make me wanna scream. They're crocheted by hand with a wool blend knit that'll keep their little one's feet snug as itty-bitty bugs.

    two crocheted booties

    6. A stroller caddy that'll help them stay organized while they're out and about. It's equipped with two insulated cup holders, a detachable pouch, and plenty of space for parental essentials.

    a stroller organizer hanging off the handle of a stroller

    7. A short-sleeved onesie they can add to their rotation of baby 'fits. It has a two-way zipper that stretches from the pant leg to the neck, which will make diaper changes and getting dressed less of a hassle.

    a baby in a crib wearing a onesie

    8. A bestselling sling carrier that's as cozy as a baby wrap, except they won't have to deal with tying it up to put it on. Reviewers love how adjustable it is and say it provides great support for both the baby and the parent.

    a person carrying a baby in a body sling

    9. A vibrant sensory toy that's designed to help tots develop their fine motor skills (and giggle, of course). Reviewers say it keeps their little ones entertained for ages and that it's the perfect thing to bring along on car rides or flights.

    a baby sitting on a carpet holding the sensory toy

    10. A cozy baby bed set they'll be happy to pop in their baby's crib. Each piece is made with 100% cotton, so it'll feel soft, breathable, and comfy against their youngster's skin.

    a crib with cozy sheets

    11. A Jellycat bear plushie because it's the snuggliest, cutest stuffed animal they'll ever lay their eyes on. It has a vintage vibe that might remind parents of teddies they had when they were little, too!

    a plush toy bear

    12. A pack of baby socks because let's face it, they're gonna need 'em. Reviewers say they're nice and stretchy, which makes them easy to put on a wiggling baby.

    baby feet wearing fresh socks

    13. A bath support recliner that'll make it a little easier for them to bathe their infant in the tub. The back is made of mesh, so the water can flow and drain easily through it.

    a baby in a bath recliner in water

    14. Or a plush bathing insert if they prefer to use their sink to bathe their little instead. Reviewers say it makes bath time a lot more comfortable and love that it saves them from bending awkwardly over their tub.

    a flower-shaped bath insert with a baby on top

    15. A diaper bag backpack with a fold-out bed compartment, so they'll always have a spot for changes and naps when they're on the go. Reviewers say it's perfect for trips to the park and love how functional and comfortable it is.

    three people sitting around a backpack changing station with a baby inside

    16. A lounger that'll provide a safe 'n' snug spot for their newborn to lie on their back. This thing is made to keep babies in the optimal position to help with acid reflux, and to promote easier breathing and better sleep.

    a baby lying in the padded baby lounger which is on a bed

    17. A pair of teething toys that'll come in handy when their beb's pearly whites start coming in. Reviewers say its unique shape makes it easy for a baby to hold and reach all angles of their mouth.

    a baby chewing on the double-pronged teething toy

    18. A diaper caddy that'll give them a little extra storage for baby essentials. Reviewers say it's perfect for toting from room to room and handy for overnight visits and trips, too.

    19. And finally, a muslin swaddle that'll cocoon their newborn in ultra-soft (and super cute) fabric. Reviewers say their little ones can't nap without it!

    a baby in a bed holding on to a floral blanket

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