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    PSA: You Better Check Out These 26 Amazon Canada Deals Before They're Gone

    Run, don't walk — because these discounts are too good to pass up.

    Hey y'all! You can find *so* many deals at Amazon Canada right now, it's truly wild. We've rounded up some of the best ones, so you can have a gander and get some cool stuff on the cheap. You're welcome!

    1. 26% off an electric heating pad that can help ease tense muscles and horrible cramps when Mother Nature comes knockin'. It'll automatically shut off after two hours, so you won't have to worry about accidentally leaving it on.

    a person wearing the heating pad on their stomach

    2. 51% off a neon light that'll transform the vibe of any room. Reviewers say it'll bring some life to your gaming setup and that it's a total cinch to hang up, too.

    a neon game controller light

    3. 33% off a snuggly throw blanket that'll make your sleeping situation softer and fluffier than ever. Reviewers say it's super plush and love that it's reversible, with a faux fur shag on one side and a soft fleece on the other.

    a shaggy blanket draped over a chair

    4. 34% off a set of food storage containers that'll help you reorganize your entire kitchen. They're airtight, stackable, and come with labels you can use to keep things in order.

    several food storage containers on shelves containing pantry ingredients

    5. 45% off a narrow side table that'll look ultra stylish beside your bed or sofa. It has a fabric sling in the middle that you can stash your laptop and fave magazines in.

    The rack with a coffee and a plant on top of it

    6. 28% off a portable charger that'll come in handy if your phone is low on battery while you're out and about. It can charge up to three devices at once, and actually doubles as a flashlight, too.

    a portable charger on a white background

    7. 40% off a set of double-sided markers if you're as passionate about doodling as I am. One side is fine-tipped and the other has a brush end, so you can use them for all kinds of lines and strokes.

    100 markers in its case on a white background

    8. 31% off a pair of motion-sensor night lights that'll save you from walking into your doorway when you get up to pee at night.

    a night light plugged into a wall outlet

    9. 22% off a plant shelf that'll help you display all of your favourite shrubs and greenery. It's open on all sides, which will allow light to reach all of your plant babies easily.

    a large shelf in front of a sunny mirror with plants on it

    10. 20% off a nifty golf watch with a GPS system that has over 41,000 worldwide courses preloaded. It'll help you keep track of score, distance travelled, and will let you upload your scorecards for a summary of previous games, too.

    a golf watch with silicone straps

    11. Up to 32% off an orthopedic dog bed that'll give your furry companion somewhere soft 'n' cozy to rest their lil' head. Its inner lining is waterproof and the plush cover is removable, so you can wash it properly in case of any accidents.

    a shiba inu dog on a comfy bed

    12. 46% off a dual monitor stand that'll make your office setup a little more ergonomic. Its arms are adjustable, meaning you can change up the angle and configuration of your screens.

    two screens on the dual mount

    13. 52% off a teeth whitening kit that'll make your pearly whites even brighter. Reviewers say it's super easy to use and that they can see a notable difference after their first session.

    the contents of the teeth whitening kit

    14. 25% off a trunk organizer that'll turn the back of your car seat into a tidy, multi-pocketed storage situation for all of your essentials. Reviewers love that it helps keep things organized without taking up all their precious cargo space.

    The trunk organizer filled with stuff

    15. 27% off a smart air purifier that'll obliterate the dust and pet dander that loves to float through your apartment. It's compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, which means you can control it with both your phone and your voice.

    an air purifier on a table

    16. 40% off a mini ring light you can clip right onto your laptop. It has adjustable brightness and temperature hue, so you can customize it to find your perfect lighting.

    a ring light clipped onto the top of a laptop

    17. 29% off a Ninja air fryer if achieving the ultimate crunch is forever on your mind. This particular model comes with two baskets, meaning you can cook two crispy dishes simultaneously.

    a person using the air fryer to make two dishes simultaneously

    18. 25% off a set of ✨trendy✨ claw clips that'll help you mix up your usual 'do. Reviewers say they're big enough to hold long, ultra-thick tresses in place all day long.

    A person with a claw clip in their hair

    19. 33% off an Umbra dish rack that'll keep your plates in a row while they dry off. Reviewers love that it comes with several compartments, including an area for stemware so your finest wine glasses can dry in a safe place.

    a dish rack with several compartments

    20. 36% off a bestselling massage gun if your muscles could use a little TLC right about now. It comes with six different head attachments that'll let you knead all kinds of sore spots.

    two people holding a massage gun in a gym

    21. 21% off a cozy bedding set that'll give your bedroom a total refresh. Reviewers say it's incredibly soft, especially after the first wash.

    a bed with a comfy duvet on it and several pillows

    22. 22% off a Click And Grow smart garden that'll help you grow fresh herbs, even if you don't have a green thumb. The float on the machine's tank will signal when your plants need watering, so you won't have to think about it.

    a click and grow garden on a table outside

    23. 20% off a table lamp that has three USB ports and two AC outlets built right in, meaning you can say goodbye to your dusty old power bar and charge up to five devices at once with this thing instead.

    a table lamp with a base you can plug your devices into

    24. 21% off a user-friendly 4K Fire TV stick that'll allow you to switch between all of your streaming services without clicking through 100 screens. It's compatible with Alexa, which means you can even control it with your voice.

    a person holding the fire tv stick

    25. Up to 31% off a set of satin pillowcases that'll help keep your hair from breaking while you rest your sweet head at night. They're less absorbent than cotton covers, so your expensive night cream will stay where it should (on your face).

    Two pillows in satin pillowcases on a bed

    26. And finally, 26% off a wireless doorbell camera that'll give you a heads up when a someone's at your door. You'll get a video call to your phone whenever the doorbell button is pressed, so you'll be able to see and talk to your visitor without going outside.

    A doorbell camera next to a door

    Enjoy those discounts, y'all!

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