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Ten Reasons Why BuzzFeed Should Hire Me

shameless plug for a girl who wants this Design Internship more than anything!!

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1. I'm very creative.

Brittany Schreiber / Via

In every sense of the word: photography, sculpture, graphic design, you name it! I also have my own Etsy store where I sell handmade jewelry (mostly food) like donut charms, macaron necklaces, fried egg chokers and more!

2. I'm good with graphic design.

Brittany Schreiber / Via

This one was done on Illustrator for a 3D Medical Illustration course! I'm great with programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator, Microsoft Office, etc.

3. I minored in Creative Writing.

I love making lists probably more than any other form of writing. I won a creative writing contest with a memoir written about spelling bees. I am super obsessive about grammar and proper phrasing too.

6. I'm very in touch with pop culture and trends.


Growing up in New York, I was constantly surrounded by current and new trends in beauty, fashion, and food (my favorite). I like to think I'm trendy while still maintaining my unique sense of style. I also love to keep myself up to date with all things pop culture related.

7. I'm very detail oriented.

I'm a small human who loves small things. Details are what fascinate me the most. I will spend hours perfecting my projects until they are just right--down to the last detail!

9. I'm easy to work with.

(^me dedicating myself fully to my job). I take direction well, but I'm not afraid to add my input or share any ideas that I may have. I like to work with others and bounce ideas back and forth in order to create the best work possible.

10. I'm clever.

I made this list to grab your attention...(did it work??). It's also an example of something I can do for BuzzFeed!! I wanted you to get to know me on a more personal level and see who I am in some format other than a resume and formal cover letter.

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