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    • brittanyannr2

      If anyone wants to find an accurate website regarding breeds and or rare breeds go to
      Yes, having a purebred dog is great . I actually have 5 dogs . From a Chihuahua ,Chihuahua mix (who has epilepsy) an English bulldog , a lab mix and Neapolitan mastiff. I only bought 2 out of the 5 . Between them all, they have great individual personalities . yes adopting is great to do . If someone is looking for a specific breed and by being a responsible dog owner you would need to do you research and see if that dog fits into your lifestyle . Same goes for the adoption . Every dog can have there faults. But for people to judge others because they prefer to buy, even from a reputable breeder . I would go either way .adoption or buying . But for the organization’s and shelter people, I know from personal experience ..yes they can be crazy but they are trying to ensure the pets go to a good home and well taken care for . Most of us would say that becausewe are all animal people but some people don’t think and they get an animal and don’t take th to the vet or think ohh fluffy has it good here and doesn’t need that fence to be in … But regardless if it wasn’t for purebred pets there would be ones for adoption and two . If people were responsible when they opurchase then there wouldn’t be any dogs needing homes.

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