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    Just 37 Of The Best Platform Sandals To Wear The *Second* It Gets Warm Out

    So your feet can enjoy some fresh air *and* an elevated view.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of platform espadrille sandals available in 58 (!!!) different colors, so matching your shoes with your outfit every day will require almost zero effort.

    Reviewer image of the platform sandals
    Reviewer wearing white platform sandals

    Promising review: "This is my second pair. ♥️ I just love these platform espadrille sandals. They’re so comfy and super chic. I wore 'em to my daughter's graduation and got a lot of compliments on them. They pair perfectly with jeans, shorts, and sundresses. I’m obsessed! I got them in white and they are easy to clean if a smudge gets on them since it’s faux-leather-like material." —Winter

    Get them from Amazon for $17.80+ (available in sizes 5.5–11 and 58 colors).

    2. Some leather platform sandal wedges handmade in Mexico that feature gorgeous floral embroidery plus tons of other fun accents because your shoe organizer could use a colorful pick-me-up.

    model wearing navy blue leather wedges with colorful embroidery and accents
    Solei Ethnic / Etsy

    Note: If you're between sizes, the shop suggests ordering a size down since these sandals will stretch and mold to your feet.

    Solei Ethnic is a Mexican boutique offering clothing, shoes, artisanal bags and purses, jewelry, hats, and more. 

    Promising review: "Beautiful shoes and true to size. They are soo comfortable. I was able to wear mine for 12 hours straight at work. I do a lot of walking, and my feet never hurt. They are awesome!" –Anita

    Get them from Solei Ethnic on Etsy for $59.99 (available in sizes 5–10 and two colors).

    3. A super stylish pair of leather platform heel sandals from Loft that'll provide you with a a 2 3/4-inch height boost and serve as the ~quintessential~ summer brunch shoes you know you need.

    BuzzFeed writer's image of brown platform sandals
    Image of black platform heels
    Brittany Gibson / BuzzFeed, Loft

    These are definitely one of my all-time favorite sandals. They're suuuper comfortable (yay, padded footbeds!) and people will almost definitely ask you where you got them from (several times throughout the day, in fact). Plus, your feet won't budge in these! The straps do an awesome job of making sure they still in place, which makes them easy to walk in even if you're not used to platforms.

    Get them from Loft for $109 (available in sizes 5–11 and two colors).

    4. A pair of chunky platform sandals destined to make their way into a sun-soaked photo of yourself living your best, stylish life. Bonus: They're also super lightweight!

    Reviewer wearing black platform sandals
    Reviewer wearing white platform sandals

    Promising review: "I travel for months at a time and I needed a shoe that would work with everything. After a ton of research, I ordered these chunky platform sandals in gold and white. These were one of only three pairs of shoes I traveled with for six months in NY, LA, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Miami, and more (my only other shoes were hiking boots and flip flops). They match every outfit I own and I can wear them for casual outings to weddings and they are my go-to stage shoes (I'm a professional singer). Flatforms give me all that lift and I can wear them all day on all terrains (including gravel) and dance in them for hours. Plenty of compliments on the shoes." —Blue 911

    Get them from Amazon for $38.99 (available in sizes 5.5–11 and six colors).

    5. A pair of vegan Birkenstock platform sandals designed with a soft fleece lining and natural cork footbed for you to effortlessly slide into and comfortably go about your day.

    Three images of Birkenstock sandals

    Note: These are only available in narrow sizes.

    Promising review: "I have worn these Birkenstock platform shoes all summer long. They are exceptionally comfortable and durable. I am thrilled with the vegan materials. I received many compliments from strangers on these platform Birkenstock shoes. Hopefully, the brand will come out with more colorways of it." —Laura

    Get them from Zappos for $110 (available in narrow sizes 5–11.5 and two colors).

    6. A lush pair of silk and satin platform heel sandals so luxurious and comfortable you'll be saying, "I can't believe I didn't buy these sooner" the second you put them on.

    Three people wearing the sandals

    These gorgeous platform heel sandals are designed with a 100% silk satin charmeuse ruched upper and adjustable ankle straps so you can spend less time worrying about your feet slipping and sliding and more on how fabulous these babies look with absolutely everything.

    Get them from Reformation for $248 (available in sizes 5–11 and five colors).

    7. A pair of platform espadrille sandals featuring a small wedge and cork sole to treat your feet to ~ultimate~ comfort. Some reviewers even say they'd be willing to run a marathon in these babies.

    Reviewer wearing white platform espadrille sandals
    Reviewer wearing black platform espadrille sandals

    Promising review: "They are truly the most comfortable pair of sandals I have ever owned, no exaggeration. I wore them for an entire wedding, no complaints. Walked two miles in them on vacation, no complaints. Ran through a lightning storm in them, NO COMPLAINTS! I would run a marathon in these if I needed to. Ankle strap is comfortable and stretches enough to put my foot in but fits just right to hold the shoe on comfortably. The two foot straps don’t stretch, but aren’t too tight. These feel even better than name brand shoes! I LOVE THEM!!! BUY THEM!" —tyler fisher

    Get them from Amazon for $38.99+ (available in sizes 6–11 with wide options and six colors).

    8. A pair of Ugg sandals featuring a velvety suede material, contoured footbed, and a Treadlite by Ugg outsole to provide extra cushioning and traction that'll keep your feet comfy and in one place for all-day wear.

    Three images of Ugg sandals

    Promising review: "These Ugg sandals are my favorite sandals. I've been wearing them all summer so far and love them! They are cute and stylish and go with practically everything! And they are so comfortable. They have a nice thick sole with plenty of cushioning. And all the straps are adjustable so no blisters here! They're literally like walking on marshmallows!!" —Sue

    Get them from Ugg for $120 (available in sizes 5–12 and four colors).

    9. A pair of vegan platform Doc Marten sandals so you'll have a stylish summer sandal to match your Dr. Martens platform boots – because why not rock your fave shoe brand year-round?

    Reviewer wearing matte black Doc Marten sandals
    Reviewer wearing black patent Doc Marten sandals

    Promising review: "By far my most favorite shoe I’ve ever had on my feet. Not only are they bouncy and comfortable, but wearing these makes me feel like the baddest b**** around. I get compliments and stares left and right when I wear these. The thing I love the most about them is dressing them up or down. I’m mostly casual so this shoe is definitely my statement piece. Also if you’re wondering, yes they are authentic Doc Marten sandals, and I have to say this is the cheapest I’ve seen compared to other sites. 10/10 recommend these lil' baddies. I also have semi-wide feet and the straps across the feet are generously spacious." —Courtney West

    Get them from Amazon for $69.57+ (available in sizes 5–11 and nine colors).

    10. A pair of jelly-style Jeffrey Campbell chunky platform sandals from Free People featuring a square-toe design to instantly activate all your '90s/'00s nostalgia.

    Model wearing black chunky platform sandals
    Model wearing orange chunky platform sandals
    Free People

    Promising review: "So, so cute and extremely comfortable! I bought the pink-colored sandals and they are super duper comfortable! I’m a true size seven and they fit like a glove. Love them so much and they’re so affordable. Yay, Free People. ♥️" —clumsy karla

    Get them from Free People for $48 (available in sizes 6–10 and nine colors).

    11. A pair of Crocs sandals so comfy even reviewers who are on their feet for several hours per day call them "life savers."  

    Reviewer wearing white  Croc sandals
    Reviewer wearing black Croc sandals

    Promising review: "These sandals are a game changer. One of my friends got a pair and I thought they were the cutest shoes ever, I did a double take when she told me they were Crocs. Really? That ugly clog-making company? Well, call me a Crocs convert because I want a pair in every color. I’ll die in these shoes because I’m never going to take them off. It feels like you’re walking on clouds, they’re so comfortable and supportive. The gradual platform looks edgy but is super easy to walk in, it does not feel like heels or wedges – I can still run after my toddler all day. These elevated sandals have changed me life. They go with everything – jeans, shorts, dresses. Buy the shoes. I wear either a 6 or 6.5, I opted for the 6 and they fit perfectly." —O.S.

    Get them from Amazon for $49.99+ (available in sizes 4–11 and 14 colors).

    12. A pair of handmade gladiator sandals crafted from high-quality genuine leather that you'll definitely be wearing to more than just costume parties.

    Model wearing the brown gladiator sandals
    Model wearing the brown gladiator sandals
    Sparta Sandals / Etsy

    Sparta Sandals is a Cyprus-based Etsy shop specializing in handmade leather sandals.

    Promising review: "I’m over the moon at how beautiful these gladiator sandals are. I absolutely love them and now I have four pair: a beautiful set of black rose gold white and now silver. I just love them! I have so many gladiators sandals. I love yours as they’re unique and not like my others!" —Kim

    Get them from Sparta Sandals on Etsy for $134.33 (available in EU sizes 35–42).

    13. A quick-drying pair of Teva sandals designed to be worn in the great outdoors – or maybe even on a trip to Disney World where you'll be walking around all day.

    Reviewer wearing blue Teva sandals
    Reviewer wearing white Teva sandals

    Promising review: "Buy them. Buy them all. You need these sandals in your life yesterday. They are so comfortable, so supportive, so easy to walk in. The straps support your entire foot and ankle so your foot doesn’t slide around at all. The base is spongy but firm so you get support with a little spring. Within three minutes of putting these on I texted pretty much every woman I know and told her to buy these because that’s how obsessed I am already. You won’t regret this purchase!" —mscheirer

    Get them from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in sizes 5–11 and 15 colors).

    14. A pair of lightweight Blowfish Malibu platform wedge sandals even people who usually hate heels looove. Pair them with one of these dresses for a super ~chic~ look you'll want to post all over your Insta.

    Reviewer wearing the sandal in
    Reviewer wearing the sandal in

    Promising review: "These are my new favorites! So light, comfortable, and easy to walk in. I have wide feet which are hard to fit comfortably in wedges/strappy heels so often, but these fit perfectly! They look good with everything. I actually got them to wear to a late summer wedding, but will probably wear them every day up until then and until I absolutely need to start wearing socks and shoes. If you're looking at these, buy them! I'm really happy about the velcro because buckling and unbuckling wedges is a pain in the butt. Thank you, Blowfish Malibu! I've never had a pair of Blowfish Malibu shoes that I didn't absolutely love!" —dana

    Get them from Amazon for $54.95 (available in sizes 6–10 and six colors).

    15. A pair of ridiculously comfortable Reef sandals made with vegan leather, a rubber sole, and a natural cork footbed that'll provide a lil' bit of a ~bounce~ everywhere you go. 

    Reviewer image of white Reef sandals
    Reviewer image of brown Reef sandals

    Promising review: "Holy cow! These Reef sandals are fab. I haven't been wowed like this for a long time, but these Reef shoes are a huge win. Comfortable straps, arch support, and a nice 1-inch-high platform, this shoe goes great with wide legged pants, dresses, and for kicking about town." —cheer team captain

    Get them from Amazon for $49.50+ (available in sizes 5–12 and nine colors).

    16. A pair of leather platform heel sandals from Dolce Vita available in neutral tones so you can effortlessly pair them with just about anything.

    Three images of the platform heel sandals
    Dolce Vita

    These gorgeous leather platform heel sandals are the bold chunky platforms your feet *need*. With a leather upper, 1.5-inch platform height, and 4-inch heel, these chic sandals won't go unnoticed.

    Get them from Dolce Vita for $140 (available in sizes 5–13 and three colors).

    17. A pair of leather closed-toe sandals designed with moisture management in mind (take that, sweaty feet), plus a shock-absorbing foam midsole for extra cushioning to live up to Dansko's all-day comfort promise.

    Reviewer wearing red closed-toe sandals
    Reviewer wearing black closed-toe sandals

    Promising review: "I am in my early 30s with really bad arthritic feet. I needed a pair of shoes that were good for the office/business casual. I am SO GLAD I purchased these closed-toe sandals! I've been wearing them day in and day out for about a week now and my feet don't hurt at the end of a long day, I get SO many compliments on them (no one would guess they're orthotics), and they're so comfy and adorable. I would buy all the colors they offer if I could afford it! I bought these in black and they're adorable with my work pants, with jeans, and with dresses. I love, love, love them. And most importantly, my feet do too." —Marsha Wendle

    Get them from Amazon for $109.95+ (available in sizes 4.5–13 and three colors).

    Here are some other products to help you beat the sweaty heat!

    19. A pair of vegan Lemon Jelly platform slide sandals built to last even after years of use. They're even PETA-approved, waterproof, recyclable, and produced sustainably!

    Image of the platform slide sandals
    Reviewer wearing blue platform slide sandals

    Note: Some reviewers say these platform sandals run narrow.

    Promising review: "Absolutely love these platform slide sandals! I hurt my heel the other day and it was too painful to walk in regular shoes – these were the only pair of shoes I could wear because they offer such an incredible comfy cushioning on the bottoms and put no pressure on my heel. Your feet mold right into them so they don't flip-flop around when you walk. Highly recommend these shoes for comfort, ease of cleaning, style, and reasonable price. Perfect fit too!" —Corbin

    Get them from Amazon for $64+ (available in sizes 5.5–10.5 and 12 colors).

    20. A pair of dressy Chinese Laundry platform heel sandals for a classy look that'll take you from the office to date night, no problemo.

    Reviewer wearing black sandals
    Reviewer image of dark nude suede sandals

    Promising review: "Simply, these are the best heels! I wore them to a wedding and danced in them for four hours and wore them for a total of seven hours! No blisters or cuts and I even went on a hike the next day! And this is the first time I wore a high heel in over a year. The overall height is on the higher side but the platform is the perfect height to maximize comfort. They are a must buy! I need them in every color!" —MC

    Get them from Amazon for $47+ (available in sizes 5–11 and 14 styles).

    21. A pair of black leather Ugg sandals to slide on and effortlessly achieve an ~edgy~ look that'll match the rest of your mostly-black wardrobe. 

    Three images of black Ugg sandals

    Promising review: "I was searching for a casual and edgy platform for the summer that I can wear with a midi skirt or dress. These Ugg sandals are lightweight, sturdy, and not difficult to walk in. So glad I splurged and treated myself to some high quality shoes! I can't wait to take these on vacation with me next month!!" —LaraCraft

    Get them from Ugg for $110 (available in sizes 5–12).

    22. A pair of strappy Nike sandals delivering ~summer party~ vibes on top and sporty Air Force 1 vibes on the bottom. Who said you need to compromise your sporty sense of style to keep your feet cool?

    Three images of Nike sandals

    Promising review: "I'm hesitant to share the news in case I need more, but there's no hiding it, these are fabulous!!! I have very narrow feet and sandals in particular are always an issue. These are adjustable with a velcro tab on each strap. The insole has some conforming to the foot making them very cozy. They look great, so yeah, you can't go wrong with these!" —TobaG622863008

    Get them from Nike for $60 (available in sizes 5–12 and three colors).

    23. A classic pair of wedge sandals from Lulus with a 4-inch cork heel and lightly cushioned insole to achieve a height and style boost all in one. Pair them with a long skirt for a dressy look or some wide-leg jeans for a more casual vibe.

    Three images of platform sandals

    Promising review: "These were the perfect sandals to wear to an outdoor wedding. They fit true to size and were super comfortable. I wore them the whole night at the wedding without any pain. They are super cute and the product was super high quality for a great price. I definitely would recommend these sandals." —Katherine L.

    Get them from Lulus for $38 (available in sizes 5–11 and four colors).