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    Just 27 Pairs Of Patterned Tights For Anyone Tired Of Plain Ones

    For when you want to keep your legs covered but pants are not in the cards.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. A pack of black patterned tights boasting thousands of 5-star ratings for you to slide under all your fav sweater dresses and ripped jeans. 

    Image of reviewer wearing black tights
    Image of reviewer wearing black tights

    Promising review: "I wanted to get tights that I could wear with Doc Martens and be comfortable. These fit the bill. The fabric is soft and super stretchy. I wore one pair with my Doc Marten boots and they held up with no tears or snags. Very comfy and look great on. The design goes all the way up to the waistband. Oh and the waistband is very comfortable. I’ll be ordering more of these in different designs. The manufacturer also spent the time to include nice packaging. You won’t be disappointed." —Lisa Brattoli

    Get them from Amazon for $5.99+ (available in 10 styles and packs of two, four, and five).

    2. A droolworthy pair of Calzedonia patterned tights ideal for anyone who's ever wondered what they might look like with leg tattoos but aren't quite ready to make the commitment yet.

    Image of model wearing sheer patterned tights

    These dream-themed tights also feature a comfortable cotton gusset.

    Get them from Calzedonia for $18 (available in sizes XS–L).

    3. A pair of plaid tartan sweater tights best worn while scavenging through a pumpkin patch trying to find the *perfect* gourd to carve. These would also be lovely for holiday get-togethers!

    Image of model wearing black plaid tights
    Image of reviewer wearing plaid blue tights

    Promising review: "Absolutely love these tights! They did not roll down, which made me happy to not be fussing with pulling them up all day long. They are super comfortable, high quality, thicker knit, but not so thick that they would feel too bulky under slacks. The colors are exactly what I was looking for! I am so pleased with these tights that I totally plan my outfits around them now." —Ducky

    Get them from Amazon for $18.48 (available in sizes S–XL and six colors).

    4. Or a classic pair of Torrid fishnet tights reviewers cannot stop raving about. You can truly count on these gems to last you wear after wear after wear.

    Image of model wearing black fishnet tights

    Promising review: "I've had these tights for a few years now, and let me tell you, they last forever! I've had other fishnets that would tear or rip after only a few times of wearing them but I've worn these countless times and not a single rip!" —ShanShan13

    Another promising review: "I’ve been looking for fishnet leggings for years now and finally I found a pair that is comfortable, easy to get on (even with my nails), and such amazing stretch. Couldn’t be happier!" —SanAntonioBlondie

    Get them from Torrid for $13.20 (available in sizes M–6X).

    5. A vibrant pair of semi-sheer Free People patterned tights decked out in funky geometric patterns that'll win the heart of anyone who loves statement 'fits.

    Two images of models wearing red tights
    Free People

    These bold tights feature a high waist and seamed toe.

    Get them from Free People for $38 (available in sizes S–XL).

    6. Some highly rated patterned tights you can get in a ton of different colors and styles, from cheetah print and stars to zebra stripes and neon fishnets.

    Image of reviewer wearing black fishnet tights
    Image of reviewer wearing cheetah print tights

    Promising review: "This pack of fishnets far exceeded my expectations and I couldn't recommend them enough. I adore fishnets and these are better than some high-end fishnets I have purchased that fell apart after two or three wears. They will stretch to accommodate many sizes. I have probably worn them 15–20 times and there are no snags, holes, or visible signs of wear. They are soft and comfortable. They are not tight or restricting in any way, which is exactly what I want. I cannot believe the quality considering the price. If you are looking for fishnets, look no further!" —R. L. Wiley

    Get them from Amazon for $5.38+ (available in 41 styles and packs of 1–5).

    7. Some high-waisted opaque patterned tights touting detailed floral prints so beautiful it'll basically be like wearing pieces of art everywhere you go.

    Image of reviewer wearing tights
    Image of reviewer wearing tights

    Promising review: "These tights are amazing! I love the versatility of these tights...I paired them with a blue dress and they took on a blue hue, and when I wore them under a gray/charcoal dress they took on that color... absolutely beautiful! Also, these tights are very silky. I wish there were more like this in other colors as I would certainly buy them. Very, very pleased and I also received a ton of compliments." —Imsmama

    Get them from Amazon for $16.01+ (available in six colors).

    8. A pair of knitted patterned tights complete with a stretchy waistband and fabric designed to look like lace reviewers swear they got a ton of compliments on.

    Image of reviewer wearing pink tights
    Image of reviewer wearing white tights

    Promising review: "I love these. They are so well made and beautiful! It is hard to find hosiery like these that are classy and high quality. They are so well made for years to wear. The design is perfect and warm but not hot for the legs, even in winter. There are lots of extra details in the construction that are way above the rest. They are very stretchy but do not bunch up. They stretch so easily with the body. They move with you and you never have to adjust them. To keep them in great shape, hand wash or use a lingerie bag in the washing machine." —swissmiss

    Get them from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in five colors and packs of one or two).

    9. A pair of black patterned footless tights if you'd prefer to let your feet move around freely. Plus, you'll never have to worry about big-toe tears.

    Promising review: "These were definitely at HIT! These tights are amazing. They're soft, comfortable, and fit perfectly. So pleased I purchased these and recommend them as a solid purchase." —Charita

    Get them from Amazon for $12.80+ (available in sizes 1X–4X and two styles).

    10. A splurgeworthy pair of rip-resistant Sheertex polka dot tights designed with a light compression waistband and reinforced toe claiming to have the power to get you through ten times (!!!) more wears than traditional tights.

    Image of model wearing polka dot tights

    Promising review: "These are no doubt priced at the top of the market, but they are worth the premium charge. They are durable and a quality product, and unlike any other tights I have purchased where I only get one, maybe two, wears before I put a run in them, I am five wears in with my Sheertex with no noticeable decrease to the quality. I would definitely recommend the investment!!!" —Jacqueline L.

    Get them from Sheertex for $48 (originally $69; available in sizes XS–3XL).

    11. A pair of black patterned tights featuring elegant floral prints to help you channel your inner flower child (and maybe, just maybe, outshine the rest of your outfit).

    Image of model wearing black tights

    Promising review: "They fit great, no rips, not too fragile, and are so, so cute. They even got jumped on by a dog while I was wearing them and they are still in perfect condition. 10/10 would recommend." —sophia

    Another promising review: "THESE ARE GORGEOUS! Worth EVERY penny. Even cuter on and very versatile throughout the spooky and festive seasons." —Huskymom

    Get them from Target for $10 (available in sizes S–2X).

    12. Some knitted patterned tights crafted with soft and stretchy fabric available in sooo many patterns and styles it might be tough to choose just one. I mean, just look at those rhinestones and the moon/stars combo!

    Image of reviewer wearing rhinestones tights
    Image of reviewer wearing moon and stars tights

    Promising review: "These are super stretchy and still have so much more room too stretch. They're not thick at all, but not flimsy either. Very great quality." —Sam

    Get them from Amazon for $12.99 (available in 41 styles).

    13. Some fun black tights boasting unique patterns for you to pull on under a cute black dress and wait for the compliments to roll in.

    Image of reviewer wearing black tights
    Image of reviewer wearing black tights

    Promising review: "Jackpot! I wish I could give these more stars. They are so incredibly comfortable and just about the prettiest tights I've ever owned! I get showered and compliments whenever I wear them. As somebody who hates exposing my bare legs in the summer, I find that these are a cute and fun alternative. I absolutely cannot recommend these enough and will be back to buy more from this brand!" —sarah

    Get them from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in 11 styles and packs of 1–3).

    14. Or a pair of sheer Calzedonia tights to wear on days when you're, quite simply, not in the mood and would rather your tights do the talking for you.

    Image of model wearing sheer tights
    Image of model wearing sheer tights

    Bad moods just got a whole lot easier to deal with.

    Get them from Calzedonia for $18 (available in sizes XS–XL).

    15. Some sheer high-rise Natori fishnet tights showcasing dragon designs up and down both legs that Daenerys Targaryen would probably approve of.

    Two images of models wearing black dragon tights

    Promising review: "I have gotten so many compliments on these in such a short time. The dragon motif really spices up typical tights. I was not a fan of tights until finding these. I hope they come out with more!" —Kelly

    Get them from Natori for $32 (available in sizes S–L).

    16. A sophisticated pair of rib-knit Old Navy tights you'll get a ton of use out of without needing to break the bank.

    Image of black striped tights
    Old Navy

    Promising review: "These tights are very durable and stay put no matter the level of activity. I wear them year round. Nice length and no bunching at the ankle." —anonymous

    Get them from Old Navy for $8 (originally $14.99; available in sizes S–XL).