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    13 Halloween Gifts Baskets And Boxes To ~Treat~ Your Friends (Or Yourself) To

    Because celebrating Halloween with your fave people is #SquashGoals.

    1. A Halloween bath and body gift box to remind your ~boo~ they deserve a self-care day.

    The Halloween gift box with a candle, bath bomb, soap, and other goodies

    2. A classic jack-o'-lantern basket stuffed with 1.5 pounds of candy that anyone with a sweet tooth will ~goblin~ right up.

    The jack-o-lantern basket filled with candy

    3. A spooky Halloween gift box for anyone who appreciates some good ol' skull and gravestone goodies.

    The spooky Halloween gift box with candles, room spray, and wax melts

    4. A bewitching trick-or-treat box, but instead of tricks, they'll get a custom reusable Halloween-themed Starbucks cup.

    5. An "Eat, Drink, and Be Scary" Halloween gift basket filled with beer, cheese, crackers, and candy to craft the perfect witch's ~brew~.

    The "Eat, Drink, and Be Scary" beer bucket

    6. A self-care box of goodies for your Halloween-loving friend who also happens to appreciate a "gourd" spa day.

    7. A Halloween care package filled with candy and popcorn that anyone who only eats real food to reward themselves with something sweet afterward will be forever grateful for.

    8. An all-natural bath and tea gift set to treat your BFF (or yourself) to a spook-tacular relaxing bath night.

    9. A gourd-geous gift basket guaranteed to ~pumpkin spice~ things up.

    The pumpkin-shaped gift basket

    10. A Halloween gift basket featuring an assortment of treats, like toffee, cookies, truffles, and more, plus an adorable smiling plush spider.

    The "friendly spider" gift basket

    11. A bundle of Halloween toys and treats for cats that your favorite feline will be ~thrilled~ to receive because the whole fam deserves to celebrate spooky szn.

    12. A Halloween gift basket boasting a plethora of candy, toys, snacks, and other goodies to make any toddler's day.

    13. Or an eerie-sistible Hickory Farms Halloween sausage and cheese box in case they prefer savory over sweet.

    You and your besties celebrating the best time of the year together:

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