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    19 Inexpensive Bean Bag Chairs You'll Probably Want To Buy In Bulk

    You'll never go back to regular chairs after converting to one of these babies.

    1. A Big Joe bean bag chair designed to be stain-resistant so you can sip your morning latte or evening glass of wine without worrying about ruining your new favorite sitting spot.

    2. A stylish bean bag with a removable and machine washable cover destined to be your new fave reading spot.

    3. A memory foam–filled bean bag chair with a super-soft microfiber cover that reviewers are choosing to sleep in over their own beds.

    4. A stain-resistant Big Joe lounger for you to prop against a wall or plop down on the floor so you'll always have somewhere comfy to sit your butt down.

    5. A faux-leather massage chair — bean bag edition! Ah, there are few things in life that sound more wonderful than the ingenious hybrid of a great massage and a Big Joe chair.

    6. A black Big Joe foam bean bag chair promising to never go flat, plus it has "grab 'n' go" handles for easy transport.

    7. A classic black faux-leather bean bag to *perfectly* match those new faux-leather leggings you bought.

    The black faux leather bean bag

    8. A faux-fur bean bag so voluptuous and cushy you might need to call for assistance when attempting to get out of it.

    9. A comforting Big Joe bean bag chair designed to feel like a hug, that way you can curl up in it while watching scary movies by yourself.

    10. A Chill Sack chair cover available in 32 color and fabric options plus six sizes so you don't have to settle on a "meh" bean bag.

    11. A stain- and water-resistant Big Joe chair with armrests, a drink holder, and a side pocket, that way you won't *ever* misplace your drink or remote.

    12. A bean bag chair lounger that's easy to clean in case you accidentally toss your drink up in the air after watching the season finale of The Sopranos (again).

    13. A plush velvet bean bag chair (with a pocket!) featuring a designated spot to scoot your boot in so you don't need to readjust and fluff each time you sit in it.

    14. A 5-foot-long Sofa Sack bean bag chair filled with memory foam reviewers say they can't stay awake in.

    15. A lightweight Big Joe chair made with soft and stretchy fabric that'll have you wondering how fast Amazon can ship you five more.

    16. A kids' bean bag chair with a side pocket so they have somewhere to put their snacks while they try not to fall off the edge of the Rainbow Road track in Mario Kart.

    17. A pizza bean bag chair because – well – it's a pizza bean bag chair. It's equipped with all of the function (like a raised lounger design) and flair you could ever want (like pepperoni slices!). You can even add on some decorative throw pillows for additional toppings!

    a bean bag chair that looks like a slice of pizza with a black throw blanket falling off of it
    Urban Outfitters

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $65.

    18. Or a kids' dinosaur bean bag chair with a shape-retaining design to ~liven~ up your little one's living space and give them a spot to dream some Cretaceous dreams in the middle of their busy day of playing.

    a dinosaur bean bag chair in a kid's room

    Promising review: "We got this chair for my son but my cat took it over lol. They both love sitting in it and it’s held up really well. Would recommend!" –Hoppy11

    Get it from Target for $65.

    19. A slightly more splurgy large bean bag chair, which truly combines the look of a structured chair with the plushiness of a bean bag. This is the kind of bean bag chair grown-ups can sit on as they discuss geopolitical matters over cigars and brandy (you know, normal grown-up stuff!).

    a gray velvety bean bag chair
    reviewer photo of a navy blue bean bag chair with a coffee table in front of it

    Promising review: "Much larger than I realized but we love them! Super comfortable and easy to set up!" –Kara

    Get it from Wayfair for $167.99 (available in five colors). 

    Manifesting these ~very cozy~ vibes just for you:

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