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    21 Vanity Mirrors That Always Provide An Accurate Reflection

    I cannot, for the life of me, get the chorus of "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake out of my head now.

    1. A glamorous vanity mirror featuring adjustable brightness and three light color options so you'll never have to deal with putting makeup on in bad lighting ever again.

    2. A tri-fold makeup mirror with LED lights and two magnifying mirrors for taking a gander at your gorgeous self from every angle.

    3. A rustic-looking vanity mirror to add a touch of ~modern farmhouse decor~ to your bathroom (or wherever, honestly).

    4. A ~fancy~ cordless Simplehuman magnifying mirror with touch-control brightness designed to automatically light up whenever you sit in front of it.

    5. An elegant and contemporary wall-mounted vanity mirror you could hang pretty much anywhere and have it look super chic.

    The oval mirror

    6. A Fancii standing makeup mirror with LED lights and a detachable 15X magnifying mirror destined to help you finally achieve that perfect cat-eye.

    7. A small but powerful 20X magnifying mirror you can suction onto your bathroom mirror so you'll officially be a pro at flawlessly tweezing your brows.

    8. A vanity mirror with 12 dimmable bulbs and a detachable 10X mini mirror that looks like it belongs in a Hollywood dressing room.

    9. A vanity mirror sporting a frame designed to look like oxidized iron for a sleek industrial addition to complete your getting-ready routine.

    The Iron Age mirror

    10. A tri-fold vanity mirror featuring dimmable lights that you could place just about anywhere to make your space feel a little more luxurious.

    11. A small lighted 7X magnification vanity mirror that you won't force you to uncomfortably lean over your bathroom sink to get a closer look at your skin.

    12. A double-sided magnifying mirror with an LED ring light for the next time you feel like channeling your inner Dr. Pimple Popper.

    The chrome mirror

    13. A Fancii travel magnifying vanity mirror with LED lights so you can easily retouch your makeup throughout the day.

    14. A splurge-worthy wall-mounted vanity mirror with an anti-fog feature, dimmer touch switch, and three lighting color options. Just imagine waking up to that luxury *every* morning.

    15. Or a simple yet chic wall-mounted round or oval mirror if you're not looking for any extra bells and whistles.

    16. A tiltable Fancii LED light mirror that will always be there for your next mirror selfie...and the next one...and the next one...

    17. A double-sided magnifying mirror with a budget-friendly price tag so you can tackle those pesky blackheads without breaking the bank.

    18. A full-length wall-mounted vanity mirror so you can admire how fab your outfit looks before you head out.

    19. A Fancii 10X magnifying daylight LED vanity mirror that's cordless and has a storage sack so you can keep it in your travel bag to take with you wherever you go.

    20. A simple round wall-mounted vanity mirror to hang above the sink, your desk, or pretty much anywhere you want to add some ~clean and contemporary vibes~.

    21. A double-sided magnifying mirror that's both wall-mounted and retractable so it won't take up any extra counter space or block your regular mirror when you're not using it.

    But let's be honest, regardless of which mirror suits your fancy, you'll look ~drop dead gorgeous~.