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    15 Of The Best Face Rollers For Treating Your Skin The Way It Truly Deserves To Be Treated

    You'll definitely want to ~roll~ out the red carpet for these babies.

    Before we dive into the best of the best face rollers, here's everything you need to know about jade rolling and gua sha!

    1. A jade roller and gua sha set boasting some pretty impressive before-and-after photos from reviewers who say these magic little tools should probably cost $1,000.

    2. A facial ice roller to calm and depuff your skin – plus, it's a sure-fire way to really wake yourself up in the a.m.

    3. An "Over the Moon Duo" from Pink Moon complete with a raw rose quartz gua sha tool plus a bottle of antioxidant-rich facial oil to help de-puff and promote lymphatic drainage.

    4. A best-selling Revolin oil-absorbing face roller made of real volcanic stone so you'll never have to deal with blotting papers ever again. You can even use it over makeup and it won't mess anything up!

    5. A gold facial roller set complete with a T-shaped massager and 3D roller that'll have you singing, "You're so golden, I don't wanna be alone" as you roll them all over your face.

    6. A face roller and gua sha set made of natural stone with over 24,000 5-star reviews (!!!) from people who swear these are skincare game-changers.

    7. A splurge-worthy Crystal Energy Wand from Solvasa featuring a vibrating and cooling rose quartz stone to roll under your puffy eyes after watching All Too Well: The Short Film. 🥺🧣

    8. A face roller embedded with 30 germanium powder-infused massage stones for you to toss in your bag and bring with you everywhere.

    9. Or a 3-in-1 jade roller kit complete with a jade roller, gua sha, and a ridged roller for anyone who loves trying out new skincare products.

    10. A microneedle derma roller that thousands of reviewers swear is a *godsend* for fine lines, acne, and dark spots.

    11. A jade massage tool from Mount Lai inspired by Chinese acupressure points to treat your eyes to a cooling and de-puffing spa-like experience.

    12. An award-winning obsidian facial roller promising to cool your skin and make it look super ~revitalized~. It's also just really aesthetically pleasing – and I'll take four, thanks.

    13. A Finishing Touch Flawless face roller featuring a vibrating piece of genuine rose quartz to massage your skin and be the newest beloved addition to your DIY facials.

    14. A set of gorgeous, sparkle-filled glass ice globe facial rollers because your skin deserves to be spoiled.

    15. A set with both an ice roller and jade roller so you can add both to your beauty regime with just two clicks ("Buy Now" and "Place your order," that is).

    You and your new face rollers just vibing and living your best lives together:

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.