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    13 Of The Best Cheap Espresso Machines You'll Love A Latte

    Time to ~espresso~ yourself and save some money while doing it.

    1. A small (but mighty) Nespresso single-serve machine that uses pods and is probably the easiest thing you'll ever use.

    2. A Mr. Coffee espresso maker capable of pulling four shots at once to help you get through those mornings after you binge-watched your fave show (for the umpteenth time) the night before.

    Espresso machine with scoop, pitchers, an espresso shot, and frothed milk

    3. An espresso machine with a swivel frother so you can comfortably achieve the super-smooth foam of your ~dreams~.

    4. A small Lavazza espresso machine that saves counter space and uses pods to make your mornings *super* easy.

    5. A 15-bar Mr. Coffee espresso machine with a 40-ounce water reservoir so you can spend more time making delectably creamy lattes and less on refilling the water tank.

    6. A compact DeLonghi machine that's super easy to clean so you can enjoy making your morning latte without dreading the cleanup afterward.

    7. An espresso machine with a cup warmer that will *actually* keep your coffee warm.

    8. A one-touch Nespresso machine that can make *both* espresso and regular coffee for those days when you just can't decide.

    9. A DeLonghi machine with a three-in-one filter holder so you have the choice of indulging in a single or double shot or reaching for a pod and using the easy-serve filter.

    10. A Mr. Coffee espresso machine — it automatically froths your milk for you and has a self-cleaning feature.

    11. A stainless-steel machine that comes with three filters, a pitcher, tamper, measuring spoon, and cleaning tool to make your life a little easier.

    12. A 10-piece machine with *everything* you need, from cappuccino and espresso glasses to a bean grinder and automatic milk frother.

    13. Another stainless-steel machine complete with built-in pressure gauges so you can make sure you're getting perfectly extracted shots each time.

    And if you're looking to spend a bit more, upgrade to a totally splurge-worthy Breville espresso machine with a grinder that's personally my favorite thing *ever*.

    To make sure you really have everything you need for the ultimate espresso experience, here's a quick checklist to keep handy while you're shopping:

    - A pair of double-walled espresso glasses ($17.95)

    - A stainless steel milk pitcher ($8.18)

    - A dual-head distributor and tamper (if you prefer non-plastic ones) ($36.99)

    - A scale with a built-in timer ($14.99)

    And we've also got you covered with a roundup of the best cheap coffee makers you can find online. Happy caffeinating, folks!