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    17 Cheap Coffee Makers That Even Coffee Snobs Will Love

    Keep your coffee standards high and the price tag low.

    1. A stainless-steel and glass French press coffee maker with a four-level filtration system that makes eight (!!!) 4-ounce cups of coffee from just one brew.

    2. An ~aesthetically-pleasing~ mini Keurig K-Cup coffee maker that's less than 5 inches wide so it can squeeze into that one tiny empty space left on your countertop.

    3. A portable AeroPress coffee and espresso maker with raving reviews from coffee enthusiasts who are always looking to try new brew methods.

    4. A 12-cup Hamilton Beach Alexa-enabled coffee maker so you can yell, "Alexa, make me coffee" from your bed each morning because you deserve that luxury.

    5. A glass pour-over coffee maker with a permanent reusable stainless-steel fine mesh filter (aka no paper filters needed, like, ever).

    6. A Hamilton Beach coffee maker that lets you choose between brewing a single cup or a full pot so you'll never waste any coffee.

    Reviewer photo of black coffee maker

    7. A cold brew coffee maker with a BPA-free plastic carafe so you won't ever need to worry about dropping and breaking it.

    8. Or if you prefer glass bottles, a glass cold brew coffee maker to brew up to six cups of refreshing java at a time.

    9. A compact single-serve coffee maker that's compatible with K-Cup pods, coffee grounds, and looseleaf tea and it brews in 30 seconds.

    10. A compact single-serve Keurig K-Cup coffee maker with over 6,500 5-star reviews, a removable 32-ounce reservoir, and it brews a perfect cup of coffee in under one minute.

    Black coffee maker

    11. A light blue vintage-looking coffee machine that is pretty much guaranteed to look adorable anywhere you put it.

    12. A 12-cup programmable Ninja coffee maker with custom brew strengths and an adjustable warming plate to keep your coffee hot for up to four (!!!) hours.

    13. A 4-cup Mr. Coffee machine that's perfect if you're looking for something simple and small enough to fit into small spaces.

    Reviewer image of black coffee maker

    14. A portable single-serve coffee maker small enough to fit in your carry-on so you can brew your fave java into your new matching stainless-steel travel mug wherever you are.

    15. A simple and compact 5-cup coffee maker that will get to brewin' with the touch of one button.

    16. A stainless-steel Cuisinart coffee maker with a 14-cup glass carafe perfect for those mornings when you really need an extra energy boost.

    17. A Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee maker that you've probably seen at all of your friends' houses because it's inexpensive, easy to use, and does exactly what it's supposed to do.

    Reviewer image of coffee maker

    On that note...