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    15 Bamboo Sheets That'll Cool You Down While Keeping You Cozy

    Hot sleepers: this one is for you.

    1. A set of bamboo sheets so smooth you'll feel like you're laying in a tub of luxurious buttery goodness (but like, the really nice artisanal kind).

    2. A set of lightweight hotel-grade bamboo sheets that have reviewers tossing out their cotton ones.

    3. A set of 100% bamboo rayon cooling sheets (psst, rayon = a plant-based fiber often called viscose) with 16K+ five-star ratings, which have left *a lot* of people raising their sheet standards.

    4. A set of moisture-wicking Layla Bamboo Sheets with a 120-night money-back guarantee, five-year warranty, *plus* free shipping. Sleep on that!

    5. A four-piece set of hypoallergenic bamboo sheets so shockingly anti-static you'll never have to worry about zapping yourself while unloading the dryer.

    6. A set of organic bamboo sheets designed to never *ever* pill so you'll be able to enjoy its silky smoothness for the foreseeable future.

    7. A set of inexpensive 1,800-thread sheets made from a mix of bamboo and microfiber so you won't need to worry about smoothing out wrinkles in order to have a crisp- and clean-looking bed.

    8. A set of eco-friendly and hypoallergenic organic bamboo-microfiber sheets that won't stain, wrinkle, or fade are most certainly nothing to sneeze at (!!!).

    9. A set of bamboo-cotton hybrid sheets so you can enjoy both the softness of the cotton and the silkiness of the bamboo all in one.

    10. A set of bamboo sheets with an 800-thread count ~specially treated~ to always be wrinkle-free and will gradually get softer each time you wash them. See, even more incentive to get the laundry done!

    Tan bedsheets on bed

    11. A set of Cariloha viscose bamboo sheets designed to be softer than 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets because you 👏 deserve 👏 that 👏.

    12. A set of eco-friendly wrinkle-free bamboo sheets that's affordable *and* comes with plenty of pillowcases to cater to your steadily growing pillow collection (everyone has one of those, right?).

    13. A set of 100% rayon bamboo sheets just radiating ~chic zen~ vibes and get softer after each wash (!!!).

    14. A set of bamboo sheets perfect for those hot summer nights where you can't fathom having cotton sheets over you but not having *any* sheets feels plain wrong.

    15. A set of sheets made of 100% organic bamboo lyocell, since supporting sustainably-produced products is *really* important. (Bonus points for being wrinkle-resistant and temperature-regulating.)

    You, coming home to your ~luxurious~ new bamboo bedsheets every night: