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    13 Above-Ground Pools To Make Your Backyard Feel Like A Summer Retreat

    I am now accepting all pool party invites.

    1. A metal-framed Intex pool that comes in nine sizes and three styles, so you'll *easily* have enough room to reenact that scene from Taylor's "YNTCD" music video.

    2. An inflatable pool large enough to fit two adults *and* four kids but compact enough to seamlessly fit in small spaces.

    3. A super-durable rectangular Intex pool beloved by 17,000+ reviewers for its sturdiness, easy set-up, and spaciousness.

    4. A 10-foot metal-framed Intex pool destined to be a memory-making spot for years to come. Plus, you'll finally have an excuse to buy all those pool floats you've had your eye on!

    5. A round inflatable Intex pool ingeniously designed to have a super-easy set up so you can spend more time in the water and less stressing over how to assemble it.

    6. A cute Funboy x Malibu Barbie kiddie pool to take all of your Instagram photos in for the foreseeable future (or at least until the temps drop). Go ahead, ~slay~ that feed.

    7. A budget-friendly inflatable pool with a removable canopy so you can effortlessly get your tan on while having *just* enough shade.

    8. An inexpensive foldable pool that's ~technically~ "for pets" but some reviewers say they've found ways for them and their kids to enjoy it, too.

    9. An inflatable kiddie pool featuring an adorable elephant sprinkler that's pretty sure to make you and your kids the coolest neighbors on the block. No kids? No worries, the neighbors will still like you!

    10. A big metal-framed Intex pool available in a variety of styles and sizes between 16–32 feet long. Did someone say pool party? Someone definitely said pool party.

    11. An inexpensive mini frame kiddie pool for the kids to splash in or for you to stick your feet in on those ~unreasonably~ scorching summer days.

    12. A heavy-duty Bestway pool destined to redefine all of your future summer parties. Just imagine the epic water volleyball games you could play in these things!

    13. A versatile inflatable pool you can cool off and relax in on your own, with the kids, or with the dog, so everyone can enjoy your new little backyard oasis.

    You, ~calming down~ and relaxing in your brand-new pool: