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    Just 30 Things You Didn't Know You Needed In Your Life

    You didn't know you needed these products, until now...

    1. A pair of earbud hooks to comfortably keep your AirPods or wireless headphones in your ears and in place so they'll never fall out.

    2. A Mario Badescu facial spray set with lavender, cucumber, and rose to cool, hydrate, and tone your skin with nutrient-rich botanicals to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

    3. A rain and stain repellant that'll protect your leather belongings not only from water, but from wine, body oil, coffee, or grease.

    4. A pack of L'Oreal self-tanning towelettes to give you a mess-, streak-free, and natural-looking tan every time.

    5. A twistable memory foam travel pillow that'll adjust comfortably to any position, to no matter where you are.

    6. A roll of athletic kinesiology tape to help alleviate joint and muscle pain, reducing inflammation especially from sports or athletic injuries.

    7. A pack of Neutrogena makeup-removing wipes that'll actually cleanse your skin and remove your mascara, without leaving a greasy residue.

    8. An orange slice cooler bag that'll not only keep your summer drinks nice and cold but also double as a stylish purse. No need to carry around any other beach totes or accessories.

    9. A plastic water bottle holder that'll hold, organize, and store your beverages and make them easier to grab and go.

    10. A pack of adjustable hem tape strips to easily change the length of your favorite skirt, jeans, or trousers without having to go to the tailor.

    11. A critter catcher that'll easily get and remove those creepy bugs without your having to use your hands and a napkin.

    12. A beaded tote to carry all of your essentials no matter the season. And you don't have to worry about it getting dirty.

    13. A Physician's Formula highlighter with a buttery cream feeling that'll make your skin shine in the summer sun like no other.

    14. A nail strengthener to prevent splits, chips, and tears while making fragile nails harder. And it has an amazing coconut scent.

    15. A jar of Kopari Beauty's coconut oil that'll moisturize you from head to toe. You can use it as a hair mask, a body moisturizer, a makeup remover, shave oil, or even a belly balm to help relieve itching and stretch marks while pregnant.

    16. A magnetic clasp converter to help you put your necklaces on if you struggle with opening the tiny clasps.

    17. A pack of silicone earring backs so if you lose yours, no worries — you'll have many backups. And they're safe for sensitive skin.

    18. A headphone cord spool with a magnetic center to keep your cords tangle-free and your headphones ready for use!

    19. A portable door lock to take with you on the road for additional security and safety.

    20. Aveda's Split End Repair treatment that'll mend your split ends back together forever, like glue. It'll also protect your hair from any future heat, environmental, or chemical damage.

    21. A handy dispenser to keep your wipes fresh and from drying out.

    22. A dog selfie aid with a ball that'll help keep your pup's attention for that perfect photo.

    23. A shoe stretcher to make your tight, uncomfortable shoes feel better by making them roomier and finally wearable.

    24. A set of door bumpers that can help reduce noise when closing doors, cabinets, or even drawers.

    25. A Milk Makeup holographic stick that'll serve as blush, highlighter, and lipstick all in one simple step. No need for multiple products taking up more of your time.

    26. A set of clear drawer organizers to keep everything arranged and in order so you won't have worry about where something is.

    27. A cooling mattress pad topper that'll help you sleep comfortably, because it's filled with alternative down fill and it has cooling technology to stop sweat from leaking through to your mattress.

    28. A can rack organizer to keep all your tins of food in order and in place.

    29. A hypoallergenic mattress protector that'll save your bed from dust, sweat, fluids, and allergens so you can sleep peacefully all night.

    30. And a bottle of Love Home and Planet's lavender & argan oil detergent to actually get out those sweat stains and smells like never before. And the pleasant scent will last in your clothes all day!

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