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    16 Things That'll Make Wearing Glasses So Much More Comfortable

    Waking up each day without 20/20 vision is bad enough — these items will help make wearing glasses a little less annoying.

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    1. Pre-moistened disposable wipes to easily remove dirt from your lenses so you're not straining to see.

    2. Or a lenses cleaning kit if you prefer the soft cloth and spray method.

    3. Anti-slip hooks for keeping your glasses in place, even when you're bending over to tie your shoe.

    4. A mini toolkit to help replace those missing screws that make your glasses fit awkwardly.

    5. Soft silicone anti-slip sleeves that'll provide comfort, support, and stability behind your ears.

    6. An easy-to-apply natural wax to keep specs from slipping so you're not constantly pushing them back up.

    7. A reusable microfiber cleaner brush that'll easily clean both sides of your lenses, so you can comfortably read without seeing smudges.

    8. A handy assorted nose pad kit for when your pads go missing or the ones you have just don't feel right.

    9. Over-the-ear headphones that won't be painful and battle with your glasses for ear space. Finally!

    10. A multi-purpose anti-fog spray to block those uncomfortable moments when precipitation overpowers your vision.

    11. A stylish stainless steel chain so when you take your glasses off, you'll know exactly where they are.

    12. 3D movie clip-ons for when the paper ones from the theater just don't feel right over your frames.

    13. EyeBuyDirect's Best Fitting Frames to help make sure the right style is comfortable for you.

    14. A magnetic glasses holder for your shirt when your glasses are too tight to comfortably put on top of your head.

    15. Anti-glare, blue light filter, and UV protection add-ons for your prescription lenses to grant you maximum viewing comfort when staring at your computer.

    16. And hair ties to wrap around the tip of your frames to stop your glasses from unwanted movement.

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