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    13 Things For People Who Suck At Applying Eyeshadow

    Whether you're a beginner at makeup or just don't know how to apply eyeshadow (like me), we have all the tools you need to step up your eye makeup game.

    1. An adhesive shadow patch to prevent eyeshadow from falling onto your finished makeup. It even has a straight edge to guide your sharp eyeliner.

    2. A beginner's Make Up For Ever dense angled brush for applying eyeshadow evenly and thoroughly for moderate to heavy coverage and blending.

    3. A creamy Julep waterproof eyeshadow stick that'll effortlessly glide on your lids where you want it and won't crease. It also has a built-in blending sponge on the opposite end for easy smudging if you want to take your look up a notch.

    4. Adhesive and hypoallergenic makeup tape for anyone who wants to create the perfect winged shadow — it won't hurt when you take it off, either.

    5. A disposable dual-sided eye shadow sponge to use when brushes just aren't your thing. These allow eyeshadow to easily wipe across your lid in a controlled way, so shadow won't just fly everywhere. Or you can just use these to clean up any excess shadow if you mess up!

    6. An eyeshadow stamp for creating a precise look in seconds without having to actually draw on your lids. Just apply powder shadow directly to the tool and stamp on. Voilà, magic!

    7. A multi-purpose finger sponge to blend cream or powder shadow with precision. It can also be use for concealer, setting powder, highlighting, and contouring.

    8. A supersaturated Maybelline cream eyeshadow that'll be easy to apply, with a smooth application that'll look great on all skin tones.

    9. An ultra-smooth eyeshadow primer with an invisible, grease-free formula to keep your shadow from fading, running, or creasing — the key to a flawless finish.

    10. A glitzy informative eyeshadow palette made specifically for beginners who don't know how to build shadow tones and colors. It comes with a 101 guide to help you achieve several amazing looks, and it even tells you which shades can go where.

    11. An affordable EcoTools beginners duo brush set to create the effect you desire without spending a fortune. Don't know which brush to use? These brushes will give you blending and defining tips on the handle! And did I mention they're made with eco-friendly and recycled materials?!

    12. A vibrant temporary eyeshadow sticker for when you don't have or want a palette — you can just press and go!

    13. A shimmering and pigmented metallic eyeshadow-slash-highlighter that'll seem like you used high-end palettes to achieve an Instagram-inspired look.

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