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    23 Things For People Who Are Absolutely Obsessed With Coffee

    Yep, only coffee lovers will understand.

    1. A cute wire ring in shape of a steaming cup of coffee so you'll never be without it again.

    2. A funny coffee mug for those who really *need* caffeine to function.

    3. An iced coffee maker that'll make up to four servings of smooth cold brew with any type of coffee grounds making their way in. It's also said to be less acidic than traditional coffee brewing.

    4. A Kenyan coffee face scrub with jojoba oil, shea butter, antioxidants, and caffeine to gently exfoliate your skin — leaving it smoother than ever.

    5. A bag of Death Wish, "The World's Strongest Coffee" for the coffee lover who thinks they can handle any cup of java.

    6. An electric mug warmer to keep your coffee warm at your desk. No more daily interruptions interfering with your enjoyment of a hot cup of brew.

    7. Coffee Obsession, a book filled with classic recipes, world history, and brewing techniques for all coffee lovers alike.

    8. A soy wax and coffee bean candle to enjoy the scent of your favorite beverage for up to 100+ hours.

    9. A minimalist poster with descriptions of types of coffee drinks from around the world. Use it as wall art for your kitchen or inspiration for creating your own recipes.

    10. A stainless steel travel mug with vacuum insulation to keep your coffee hot for up to 12 hours, no matter where you are.

    11. A graphic t-shirt to tell the world what *actually* comes first in your life... Duh coffee!

    12. A box of organic cotton coffee filters that'll reduce waste and be a reusable alternative to paper filters. It'll also absorb the oils released from coffee beans, allowing less acid to pass through into your batch.

    13. A 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, if you just love puzzles just as much as coffee. It'll remind you of all of your favorite iconic coffee brands.

    14. A coffee body scrub that'll buff away dry, flaky skin and bumps to leave your skin hydrated and smooth. Plus, you can get the smell of coffee without having to turn on your coffee pot.

    15. A handheld portable espresso maker to make your cup of joe on the go — perfect for camping, hiking, or road trips!

    16. A stainless steel frothing pitcher with measurement markings for your steamed or hot milk so you'll never have to guess how much should you use. And if you feel like channeling your inner barista, you can try making your own cappuccino designs.

    17. An organic coffee and oatmeal soap bar that'll gently exfoliate your face and body to help eliminate blemishes and dryness.

    18. A shower curtain with a printed infographic design, because there's no such thing as too much coffee decor or information.

    19. A French press for the true coffee connoisseurs who need a change from a basic drip maker. It also has a four-level filtration system to eliminate excess grinds from making their way into your mug.

    20. A real coffee bean bracelet to take your coffee obssesion to the next level. And it's made with fresh beans as soon as you order!

    21. A classic Chemex pour-over coffee maker, where science and coffee meet. If you have the time and you're into brewing you're own coffee this is for you. No worries if you're a newbie — just make sure to learn the proper steps of brewing and you'll fall in love!

    22. A Caudalie pink clay and coffee mask to keep your pores clear and tight and eliminate blackheads so your complexion is bright and even.

    23. And a stainless steel two-tablespoon scoop that'll help you measure the *right* amount of coffee you need per cup — so you're not like me, pouring coffee everywhere.

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