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    20 Pairs Of Sunglasses You Need To Step Up Your Eyewear Game

    You can never have too many pairs of shades!

    1. Colorful transparent frames that'll add a stylish pop of color and style to any outfit.

    2. Mirrored aviators to take with you on your upcoming summer beach vacation.

    3. Felix Gray sunglasses with a filtering blue light to eliminate glare, dry eyes, eye fatigue, and blurred vision. Now you can look at your Instagram for hours in the sun without your eyes straining.

    4. Bamboo wayfarers that'll stand up against the water and the sun — you'll never want to take them off.

    5. Flat, mirrored shades with anti-reflective lenses and a metal frame to resist breakage so you can wear them during any activity, worry-free.

    6. Copper frames that'll go with any outfit, no matter the season.

    7. Polarized sunglasses with 100% UV protection to protect your eyes, but with style of course.

    8. Slender sunnies that'll be more for looks than UV protection, but that's fine because you'll look super trendy.

    9. Heart-shaped sunglasses to say ~eye~ love you with a vintage hipster vibe.

    10. Retro rimless shades with a simple yet versatile design that'll pair well with any outfit or day of the week.

    11. Celine butterfly sunglasses to add a little bit of luxury to your outfit. These frames are a classic fit and look that'll never go out of style.

    12. Oversized fashion-forward frames that'll make every moment feel like a photoshoot when you put them on.

    13. Black circle frames to channel your inner John Lennon with a timeless look.

    14. Super oversized sunnies that'll protect your eyes from the bright sun — and even the wind.

    15. Plastic sunglasses for every outdoor wedding or picnic you've been invited to this summer. And they're inexpensive, so if you lose or break them you won't be upset.

    16. Round, mirrored shades to make any boring outfit look a little more cool.

    17. Pink tinted sunglasses for a soft but sharp touch with a trendy flair.

    18. Semi-rimless statement shades to say, "The queen has arrived," like no other!

    19. Metallic round sunglasses for '70s vibes that'll look good with anything in your wardrobe.

    20. And mini retro shades so you and your fur baby can match with style (and for Instagram).

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