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    14 Things To Wear In The Rain That Are Actually Stylish

    Yes, you can totally be fashionable in the rain!

    1. A mesh-lined trench jacket with a cinched waist that'll be lightweight and stylish enough for those hot, rainy summer days.

    2. A Jeff Wan clear tote to take on a tropical vacation where it goes from rain to shine at the blink of an eye. Not only will your stuff stay dry inside, but you'll also be on-trend this summer season with the clear bag design.

    3. A pair of water-resistant block-heel Chelsea boots for a timeless look you can dress up or down no matter the weather. They're also great for those who will never sacrifice wearing heels.

    4. A pair of rubber chukka boots to give you a grungy street-style look you can wear with any outfit.

    5. A bright pair of Jeffrey Campell rain boots that'll add a vibrant, fashion-forward look.

    6. A clear vinyl raincoat with a faux leather trim and storm flaps to keep you dry and cute even with the weather is gross.

    7. A pair of waterproof leather boots that'll pair stylishly with your work clothes so you won't have to take them off when you get into the office.

    8. A lip-print cape poncho to quickly throw over your clothes when you start to feel a few drops. It'll keep your entire body dry even when it's raining really hard.

    9. A pair of men's cap toe boots for versatile and vintage style that'll look good with khakis or your favorite pair of jeans. And they're waterproof so you're prepared no matter what the weather decides to bring.

    10. A colorblock rain jacket to brighten up your gray day with stylish colors and a snazzy fit.

    11. A pair of Sam Edelman rain booties that'll be lightweight and comfortable enough to wear walking around all day in the city.

    12. A colorful waterproof nylon tote to hold your umbrella and rain gear without soaked or leaking from the inside. It'll make your plain rain outfit stand out in the clouds.

    13. A colorful poncho trench that'll be chic, comfortable, and keep you dry in the random summer and spring showers.

    14. And a cute hooded mesh windbreaker to combat the windy, sideways rain like no other. And it's lightweight so you won't be hot on humid days!

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