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    17 Products That'll Help You Put Makeup On So Much Faster

    Cut your makeup routine time down in half with these products.

    1. A sponge brush cleaner that'll clean any of your tools in seconds so you won't have to fumble between brushes or use a dirty one. The center of the sponge can be used wet to clean off creamy products and dry on the outside to dust off shadows.

    2. A set of two winged stamps (one for your right eye, one for your left) for a perfect eyeliner look super fast. No more uneven eyeliner wings and wasting time in the morning trying to make them perfect.

    3. A Benefit Cosmetics four-in-one brow pencil that'll contour, define, highlight, and carve out the perfect brow look without an entire kit.

    4. An adhesive shadow patch with a straight edge to guide your sharp eyeliner to make a perfect line. No redos here!

    5. A creamy Julep waterproof eyeshadow stick that'll effortlessly glide on your lids exactly where you want it and won't crease. It also has a built-in blending sponge on the opposite end for easy smudging so you can quickly take your look up a notch.

    6. A Make Up For Ever dense angled brush to apply eyeshadow evenly, thoroughly, and quickly with moderate to heavy coverage and blending.

    7. A Glossier brow filler for when you don't have time to create the perfect brows. It'll fill, thicken, plump, shape, and groom your brows in one swipe.

    8. An IT Cosmetics CC cream that'll deliver seven steps in one. It'll be a color corrector, a daytime moisturizer, a full-coverage foundation, a sunscreen with SPF 50+, a hydrating serum, a poreless primer, and a dark spot concealer.

    9. An makeup remover pen for quick mishap clean up. No need to start over or waste an entire makeup wipe — just dab over your mess up and the mistake will be gone in seconds. It's also perfect for on-the-go!

    10. A disposable dual-sided eye shadow sponge to quickly use when your brushes are dirty or if you're in a rush. These allow eyeshadow to easily wipe across your lid in a controlled way, so shadow won't just fly everywhere. Or you can just use these to quickly clean up any excess shadow if you mess up!

    11. An eyeshadow stamp for creating a precise look in seconds without having to actually draw on your lids. Just apply powder shadow directly to the tool and stamp on. Voilà, magic!

    12. A Milk Makeup holographic stick that'll serve as blush, highlighter, and lipstick all in one simple step. No need for multiple products taking up more of your time.

    13. A multi-purpose finger sponge to blend cream or powder shadow with precision and speed. It can also be used for concealer, setting powder, highlighting, and contouring all-in-one.

    14. A supersaturated Maybelline cream eyeshadow that'll be easy to apply, thanks to its smooth application when time isn't on your side! And it looks great on all skin tones.

    15. A large oval foundation brush to quickly and evenly apply your foundation when your in a hurry. You won't have to take your time to sponge or blot on foundation or concealer, this brush will do it all in half the time.

    16. A NYX contour stick with dual ends for quick contouring in just one swipe. It'll also highlight with a natural and creamy finish.

    17. A pigmented metallic eyeshadow-slash-highlighter to brush over your cheekbones and nose for a quick, shimmering finish.

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