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    19 Coats And Jackets You Can Get At Walmart That You'll Actually Want To Wear

    From puffers to parkas to motos to denim jackets — here's what you need to get ready for winter.

    1. A hooded puffer with a fashionable flair to keep you warm in the chilly months.

    2. A plus-size midweight jacket that'll be water-resistant through the rain, sleet, or snow.

    3. A men's wool peacoat for a classic fit and style you can wear every day.

    4. A quilted bomber jacket that'll look great with both jeans or a dress.

    5. A plus-size hooded utility jacket — it can be layered in the cooler temps and is lightweight enough for the warmer months.

    6. A men's shell to wear in the heaviest of rain because it's water-repellant.

    7. A plus-size denim jacket for a trendy, casual everyday look you can wear in the office or while you're running errands.

    8. A winter parka that'll keep you warm in the winter while also being fashionable and chic.

    9. A faux-leather moto jacket for a swanky biker look to wear year-round.

    10. A men's insulated duck jacket to wear while hiking, working in the yard, or even if you just have to be outside for long periods of time — this jacked will keep you warm!

    11. A plaid faux-wool coat with leather sleeves for a designer look without the designer price.

    12. A men's athletic windbreaker that'll work in both active and casual activities with a stylish two-tone design.

    13. A checkered faux-wool peacoat for the best of both worlds — style and functionality to keep you warm no matter the weather!

    14. A plus-size wool overcoat with a classic notched collar tailored just for transitional or chilly weather.

    15. A quilted winter puffer double insulated to make sure you stay warm in the chilly weather.

    16. A men's faux-leather moto to wear with a plain tee and slim cut jeans for a sleek and trendy look.

    17. A lightweight raincoat that'll be perfect for those wet and humid days.

    18. A sherpa-lined fleece jacket with a removable plaid hood to switch up your look with each wear.

    19. A men's heavyweight hooded parka with a stripe trim for a modern fit that'll never go out of style.

    Cold and chilly weather... we're ready for you!

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