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    22 Pairs Of Boyshorts You Need In Your Underwear Drawer

    Panties that are actually comfortable, stylish, and sexy.

    1. A stretchy plus-size pair that'll retain their shape no matter how many times you throw them in the washer.

    2. Boyshorts with embroidered lace for some delicate elegance you may want to share with that special someone.

    3. A Spanx pair to wear under dresses or high-waisted jeans for a sleek and comfortable silhouette.

    4. A purple pair of plus-size boyshorts with mesh side panels that'll become your favorite panties ever.

    5. An elastic-free Hanes pair that'll stretch when you move without binding, making them perfect to wear while exercising.

    6. Lace boyshorts with a wide-waistband for the ultimate "no cheek peek" style.

    7. A seamless pair for the comfortable coverage you want without getting that annoying wedgie.

    8. Logo-printed boyshorts that'll become your go-to underwear, so you'll definitely want more than one pair.

    9. A scalloped lacy pair with such striking details, you'll wonder why you didn't buy them sooner.

    10. A lacy pair that'll make you want to throw away those "granny panties."

    11. A dainty pair for a special occasion or just to add some elegance to your underwear drawer.

    12. A pair of nylon boyshorts that'll be so comfortable, you'll forget you even have them on.

    13. Cotton boyshorts to give you a comfortable, lounge-y feeling that's also stylish.

    14. A trendy pair of Calvin Klein boyshorts for a classic look and feel that'll never go out of style.

    15. A pair of control-top boyshorts to help naturally shape your waist without pinching or binding.

    16. An ultra-soft cotton pair for those who prefer more of a simple and traditional look and feel.

    17. A seamless ribbed pair that won't show under leggings or jeans — say goodbye to that annoying panty line.

    18. Logo-waistband boyshorts for a sporty look you'll feel comfortable wearing every day.

    19. Neon stretch lace Hanky Pankies to provide vibrant comfort that'll stay put all day.

    20. A pair of mesh boyshorts that'll become your go-to undies.

    21. A pair of metallic Tommy Hilfiger boyshorts for fashion and comfort combined.

    22. An elastic pair of boyshorts with a soft modal blend that'll feel great and won't dig into your skin.

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