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    21 Of The Best Backpacks You Can Get On Amazon

    Whether you're a student, professional, hiker, or just looking for a cute new everyday backpack, we have the best options for you!

    1. A waterproof backpack with a built-in USB charging port, a slim design, numerous compartments, and space for a 17-inch laptop. You can have it all with this bag!

    2. A clear backpack that'll not only hold everything you need, but also look super-stylish for school, music festivals, or traveling.

    3. A cool floral bag with a trendy pattern and comfortable straps that you can wear all day.

    4. A travel backpack that'll convert into a duffel bag to make room for all of your outfits, shoes, laptop, and toiletries — without having to carry a suitcase.

    5. A simple, lightweight backpack with two outer side pockets plus a laptop sleeve to make both your back *and* your wallet pretty happy!

    6. A laptop backpack with a subtly fun design that's more than worthy of fitting everything you need comfortably.

    7. An awesome Dakine bag for any student or commuter, to make carrying all your everyday stuff (plus lunch or dinner) comfortable and enjoyable.

    8. A camera backpack with a sling-strap designed to keep your camera and its accessories secure and protected, no matter where you're headed.

    9. A colorful hiking backpack that'll be roomy and foldable (it can transform into a sandwich-sized pouch!), and lightweight and water-resistant. It'll be perfect for your next outdoorsy excursion or flight.

    10. A TSA-friendly bag with a lay-flat design so you can quickly pull out your laptop and breeze through airport security.

    11. A nautical canvas bag that'll come with a lunch box and a little case you can use for taking your makeup or essentials on the go.

    12. A stylish Herschel bag with a timeless, water-resistant design that'll be able to withstand even the heaviest of rain.

    13. A chic faux-leather laptop backpack that'll look so expensive, no one will even guess you got it on Amazon.

    14. A Incase commuter bag with a slim and durable design that'll be ready to go whenever you are.

    15. An expandable backpack to help you make the most of your camping or hiking trip by holding everything you need and keeping you prepared.

    16. A neon water-resistant book bag with a large side pocket big enough for your water bottle or venti Starbucks cup.

    17. A High Sierra backpack that'll be ready for all those adventures you're about to take.

    18. A super-sleek laptop backpack with a whopping 17 compartments and a built-in USB port that'll make you toss out your old backpack in a heartbeat.

    19. A lightweight canvas backpack that'll also double as a diaper bag or for whatever you need. It won't weigh you down and you'll be able to take it anywhere.

    20. A printed kids' book bag with a matching pencil case and lunchbox so your little one will be all prepared on their first day.

    21. And a cartoon galaxy backpack with a USB charging point and a anti-theft design to keep your items safe and secure.

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