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    • britneym6

      Umm…let’s talk about just how many rides they forgot! Are you kidding me?! Dumbo shouldn’t rank. Neither should Aladdin. Who cares about those? It’s a Small World is fine because it’s iconic…but it is by no means great! Winnie the Pooh needs to be on here!
      Maybe the new Little Mermaid ride is good but how can you include that without including Winnie the Pooh? How the heck did Maelstrom make the list? Last time I rode it, it was underwhelming to an extreme. Substitute Kilamanjaro Safaris and Kali River Rapids! And Expedition Everest! I swear whoever wrote this had to have just gone through someone’s photos and chosen the rides from there…but whatever. Disney World is awesome no matter what!!

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