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Veteran and Record Artist John Preston Joins Forces with ‘Stop Soldier Suicide’

John Preston joins forces with ‘Stop Soldier Suicide’ to help support our military stop in the fight against soldier suicide.

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Veteran and Record Artist John Preston Joins Forces with ‘Stop Soldier Suicide’

John Preston joins forces with ‘Stop Soldier Suicide’ to help support our military stop in the fight against soldier suicide.

Preston wears many hats, a veteran, full-time firefighter and top recording artist. Now, he is about to release a new single in collaboration with Stop Soldier Suicide.

“I have donated a song to the organization. We will release ‘Before I am gone.’ I love this song. I recently headed back into the studio re-recorded and tweaked the original version that was a huge success on iTunes before “Superman Falls” came out. So even though it’s an older song, the feel and meaning now are very different,” said, Preston.

“I wrote this song about my thoughts of suicide when I was in my twenties. When I finally confessed my feelings about suicide to my brother – I had to face his death and the responsibility I felt because he took his own life. Just this week I heard about another military family losing a loved one to suicide. His family reached out to me; this makes me more determined to tell our nation’s heroes it’s ok to ask for help. Stop Soldier Suicide is the perfect fit for me as our missions are the same. They want to utilize my work with my music to help reinforce their strong message," says Preston.

Stop Soldier Suicide empowers the military community by providing free resources and support to military and their families.

Stop Soldier Suicide was founded in 2010 by three U.S. army veterans amid the worst suicide crisis our military has ever seen.

“Our name is our mission: Stop Soldier Suicide. Members of our military community — troops, spouses, children, parents, and other family members — face a myriad of complex issues tied to their service,” says Shawn Jones, Interim Executive Director of Stop Soldier Suicide. “We want to intervene before they get to the point of feeling like suicide is their only option,” says Shawn Jones, Interim Executive Director of Stop Soldier Suicide.

The nonprofit is funded 100% by donations.

“John approached us earlier this year and was eager to get involved with our organization. When we heard about his personal experiences with losing his brother Michael — a Marine Corps combat veteran — and his own battle with PTSD, everything just clicked. John has a deeply personal connection to what we do at Stop Soldier Suicide and is 100% behind our mission,” says Jones.

“I am working on a behind the scenes video for “Before I am Gone, ” and I hope to have a release date on the new single in the next few weeks. My only goal is to help save veterans lives. I am successful right now for so many reasons; it’s not just my passion, my drive, and my story but the fact that my music resonates with people. I feel blessed to have been given this talent. The music is doing the talking right now, and organizations like Stop Soldier Suicide see the impact and influence it’s having and want to be involved,” says Preston.

"A single I released earlier this year “Superman Falls”is still getting several thousand downloads a week which is great. I am excited to drop my next song and make a difference and hopefully save a life. We lose too many lives to suicide. I have also been nominated for an award in Australia for my work. Being recognized for my work is touching. The “Unsung Heroes Award’ recognizes different people from all over the world. I am now working on also taking my music down under to help others. Stop Soldier Suicide has a great message that fits with my mission. You have to look forward to move out of a stressful time in life – sadly for many veterans, they look back to the horrors of war. My brother left behind a family after taking his own life. It's important for a soldier to think about the pain that you will leave behind if you take your own life. I pride myself in setting an example. I wanted to kill myself. I didn’t want to live anymore. While I may not have made a significant attempt, my drinking almost became a life-threatening issue. I drank so much I would black out and hope I wasn’t there the next day. I overcame all my demons and learned to love life again by looking forward to what my future could be. That’s my message we have to go forward, that’s the answer, and it's not easy – but look forward."

“We’re excited to have John be an ambassador for Stop Soldier Suicide. He has generously donated one of his songs to us. The song will be available on iTunes in the coming months, with 100% of the proceeds providing mission-critical support to Stop Soldier Suicide,” says Jones.

“Life is in front of you – everything is in front of you. Some people have a good job and a great family, and they don’t see that. Stop Soldier Suicide is a non-profit that doesn’t want to post or make endless commercials about the misery of PTSD, they want to focus on the future. I will now be a national spokesperson for them,” adds Preston.

“John will also share more of his experiences in a ‘Behind The Music’ video and PSAs aimed at raising awareness for suicide prevention and highlighting the help available through our organization,” says Jones. "As someone who’s lost a family member to suicide, been in the trenches himself, and found his way out of the darkness, he gets it. He is a voice our audiences will relate to.”

"When I hear that another life has is lost to suicide, so many questions go through my head, am I making a difference? It gives me drive and an incentive to work harder after hearing about loss. I go through a shutdown period then I have to grind and get our message out there. If more people hear my words, then I could make a bigger difference. I don’t have the ability to reach out to everyone, but hopefully, my music can help me do that. Now my words can’t change people- they need to make that change but my efforts and the time I spend showing how much I care will hopefully lead people to help themselves.”

"We want to turn that 22 suicides a day into 21, then 20, and so on until we eventually see that number at zero,” says Jones. “We’re excited to have John’s support as we work together to achieve our mission.”

“I wrote, “Before I am Gone” when I was in a very emotional place. That guy in the song I was writing about is no longer me--he is gone, and that’s a good thing. Look forward.”

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