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New Butterfly App Aims to Help Dementia Sufferers

The freedom of a Butterfly is what most of us seek in life, sadly for more than five million people in the U.S. diagnosed with Alzheimer’s —freedom is slowly slipping away.

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A new App called “Butterfly” designed by Chicago-based WindowMirror hopes to give both those who have dementia and their caregivers the chance to save and share thoughts and memories as they happen.

WindowMirror CEO Sean Fahey says, “The app has taken two years to develop, and we will have a beta version in August after our first round of funding. I saw a huge gap in the market when it comes to innovative technological care for dementia patients. This user-friendly app will help sufferers, carers but also with our Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant cloud sharing ability it could help physicians monitor the progress of Alzheimer's closely.”

Butterfly is a user-friendly app and virtual assistant that gives hands-free listening experience allowing the user to record stories, ideas and memories that may otherwise disappear forever. The moment a thought comes to mind a simple voice command captures that moment in time.

Fahey says, “Dementia patients live in the moment. Therefore, it is important that when a memory is triggered by a song or a smell they make a note of it immediately and that memory or even a mood can be shared with family and caregivers. If a family member sees a sentiment related message, they can respond with a note to lift the spirits of the sufferer. Monitoring any illnesses the patient is suffering with can help with planning doctors visit ahead of any escalating medical issues. ”The WindowMirror design team has traveled the country working with dementia technology think tanks to make this app easy to use and affordable. So affordable it's free! The app is free however add-ons are range from $1 a month to $10 for the year in addition to a subscription service.

“Leaving a legacy that is what is important for dementia sufferers and Butterfly will allow them to do that with its cloud-based storage. Sharing moods, thoughts, and feelings and having those words go through a sentiment analysis within the app the user is guided through their day by loved ones and caregivers.” Adds Fahey.

The app is always listening when given a command - it can also be used by caregivers to take dictation. The hope is that the data gathered through the app with the user's permission the health care, palliative, and clinical data will be helpful to primary caregivers and insurance to help track dementia progression.

“People living with Alzheimer's are present-minded problem solvers, and they need to record it. No searching for a pen and paper the moment they walk away from that moment a song or smell those moments of lucidity are gone, forever. All the stories can be dated and filed and ranked; it's a clear, easy and concise way to record and monitor every aspect of this disease.”

According to the Alzheimer’s Association it is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States, every 66 seconds in the U.S. someone develops the disease (The cost of care is over $200 billion.

“We hope Butterfly makes a difference in so many lives. We want to be the first data aggregator with an option to tap into other Amazon Echo and other virtual platforms to help those who have dementia.” Adds Fahey.

WindowMirror have met their goal after nine days of crowdfunding but are still accepting investors you can get more information HERE.

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