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Exclusive Interview with Actress Lisa Ann Walter:

Is Hollywood Still Sexist?

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Is Hollywood in a Time Warp?

We Push Trains

Walter plays Alice’s boss Bette in the movie; she stirs up some trouble when Cam, briefly comes to work with Alice.

Walter says, “Michael told me about my character, she was the boss she was in charge, the cougar type. I said the cougar character was so yesterday; we have been through that, I have been through that personally as a woman with my hot post-divorce body it was so much fun.

“However Bette’s character had more depth. Bette was the only person who asked why? Why is this sexy, career savvy girl with this guy? She wants to find out what is so incredible about their relationship. Why did I do what I did, without giving anything away if you haven’t seen the movie? Because I could. Bette gets off on making people jump through hoops; I grew up with that kind of people when I was politically active in DC, and I see that kind all the time in L.A.”

She adds, “Women are back, and Hollywood loves it. This movie is not the usual romantic comedy — it’s real life.”

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