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Cahill’s New Movie Is Full Of ‘Potential.’

“Walking Dead” actress Kerry Cahill is dominating both behind and in front of the cameras as she lands a role in “Potential.”

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“Potential” written by Jason Slawson and Michael Scheffler will be set in part in Maryland, with some scenes shot in Texas.

Cahill plays Jimi- a bar owner who according to Slawson plays as hard as she works.

Slawson is no stranger to the film industry having had several of his films play out at the Maryland International Film Festival.

“Kerry is cast to play Jimi the work hard play hard boss of the lead character Andrew. It's a role that requires a powerful energy and comedic tone that I'm excited to see Kerry bring to the role. Kerry was my first choice to play Jimi--the only one I had in my head,” says Slawson.

“I love Jimi’s character. She's larger than life, and everyone has met someone like her. Characters like Jimi are enjoyable to play with as they don't come along every day.” Says Cahill.

Potential is a comedy that follows the lives of two struggling writers who take part time jobs to survive before heading to the bright lights of Hollywood.

Slawson admits that if it wasn’t for Cahill, the character of Jimi might have been a man!

“Being the amazing person, she is Kerry gathered a group of really talented local actors in New Orleans for a table read. When Michael and I were re-writing trying to add pop to different characters, we took Kerry's suggestion about making Jimi female. As soon as Michael and I rewrote Jimi to be a woman I took it over to her to see if she would read it since neither Michael nor I had a firm vision of the character as a female-- I thought it might help to hear a woman read it. She nailed it. Nailed it! I realized right then and there that when we eventually got this off the ground, she WAS Jimi,” adds Slawson.

Cahill says she can relate in many ways to some of the characters in the film.

“Definitely with the writer's struggle. Someone once said that the scariest thing in the world is a blank page and as a writer, I can say that can be so true. Making yourself sit down and put your words on a page sounds so simple. Technically it is, but it's tough to do it well and send it out into the world.” adds Cahill.

Right now Shauna Rappold, A.J. Riviera known for “This is Us” and Katherine McClain are also cast with more casting announcements to come in the next few weeks. Slawson says he plans to hold open auditions in Maryland later this year.

Cahill is currently producing and starring in “Breasts” a short film laying the facts about breastfeeding and its importance. The film also looks at the bullying women faced in the work place if for choosing to breastfeed.

Cahill says, “We are in post production, and I got a chance to see a rough cut recently. I'm very excited for it to make its way into the world. It's done with such grace and honesty the team did a great job bringing the story to life. We have also signed on an incredible composer, Helen Gillet, and she will be bringing her talent to Breasts as well.

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